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  1. btw, please mention the domain name you tried adding (either here in post or send a direct message to root admin) so that root admin figure out the problem. Edit: ty wolstech, noted.
  2. Your question was already answered by Sohamb & Wolstech. Please refer https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/38043-django-python-web-application-required-python-setup-app/?do=findComment&comment=168916
  3. Please do not post in others' solved thread, as it might get ignored. Lets wait for an admin to split this.
  4. I guess you are the one who asked about Moving your account from Ricky to Tommy on Discord and was suggested to follow this article https://wiki.helionet.org/Moving_your_account Did you delete your account using account deletion script? Edit: added "on Discord"
  5. Please mention 1)Server Name 2)PHP version 3)PHP extensions to be installed
  6. You are right. An admin will look into this and figure out whats the issue. Lets wait.
  7. Tutorial is correct. 755 is the right permission. Try changing shebang line and check if line endings are of linux-style.
  8. Try changing shebang to #!/usr/bin/python idk why, but its working for me with the above line and (it gives 500 internal server error on #!/usr/bin/python3.7). I'm on Tommy btw.
  9. Set permission to 644 for files and 755 for folders. (Sorry about that) Check the shebang line in python file for correct location of binary.
  10. I found this in phpvms forum I do not recommend using free hosts, as I've noticed many problems with them. They are often overloaded, and do not give access to some PHP features. I recommend atleast 2GB and 4 CPUs. You can change the VPS plan in the middle (if you feel 2GB isn't enough)
  11. 1 mail per recipient, either 50 mails to the same recipient or 1 each to 50 recipients. Total 50.
  12. Which server you are on? If its Johnny, please follow this tutorial https://wiki.helionet.org/Installing_an_SSL_Certificate_on_Tommy_with_ZeroSSL
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