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  1. Filezilla has done the same to me several times. Your log messages indicate a simple "connection timeout" that can happen occasionally depending on current server load and on Filezilla's settings. I suggest you increase the connection time limit on the "Connection" tab in Filezilla's settings. You can also try some other time, when server load will be lower.
  2. Please unarchive my account. Username: raonek Thanks!
  3. Here's a banner that I made. (It's Large Rectangle - 336x280.)
  4. Here is my creation. I hope someone finds it useful. I'm open to requests and suggestions for adjustments in size, colors, etc. Comments will be welcome too. Notes: - The sun drawing is included in LibreOffice. - "Powered by" is FreeSerif (Leipzig/Italic). - "HelioHost" is Comic Sans MS (Bold, Italic). - Created with LibreOffice Draw and GIMP.
  5. We all can understand that the majority of people that want to have their own website, do not want to build the website themselves. They just want a website that’s ready for them to post their content in and is more configurable and serious-looking than a blog. Creating a website easily and quickly with website builders is a top criterion to the majority of people when choosing a hosting service. In my opinion, this explains the popularity of wix, weebly and the like. HelioHost displays on its homepage all these scripting languages, services, etc, all of these for free, far exceeding all the rest free web hosts in terms of web technologies and services. But it does not display that someone can create a website easily and quickly on HelioHost too. Using the “Site Publisher” that’s included in cPanel. The feature of “Site Publisher” in HelioHost could prove decisive for a great amount of people in their choice for a web host, but it’s absolutely nowhere displayed in the HelioHost homepage. As a new user, I didn't have the slightest indication that a website builder is included in Heliohost. I discovered it accidentally, only after creating my account, and mostly out of curiosity. I saw a button in my cPanel saying: “Site Publisher”, I didn’t know what it does, and I thought to check it out. In my opinion, this feature deserves to get a very obvious spot in your homepage, to make sure that every visitor will see it. Besides “Site Publisher”, this spot would be excellent for other related tips too, like “You can even download other templates from the vast amount of beautiful templates that are available online, free or not, and immediately have your website ready.” Because many of your visitors that are just starting to search for options to website creation, don’t even know that templates exist. You could also add links to free templates. I really believe that this could have a big impact on the amount of new registrations. Even though I never tried the Site Publisher myself, I can see that it is not so powerful as a fully-featured Website Builder. But it can still be sufficient enough to many people. EDIT: I just saw that there's also SitePad Website Builder in cPanel's Softaculous Installer, along with other site building tools in there. These would make the advertising spot on HelioHost's homepage far richer.
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