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  1. Hello my ip is blocked please unblock
  2. I have account on Tommy, phpMyAdmin works fine, MySQL too, beacause I can add data to database and there are current data. File manager works good, but when I try to open in web browser link to my php script, that conect to db, it return old data. When I tried to create new test php file it is possible and i can view it in file menager. When I try to open it in browser I have 404 error. Are your server works corectly? I have old data instead of current, I have never that problem. Problem was noticed today. It can have connection with moving data from Jonny to Tommy server, because data avaliable from php script are consistent with data, that was on old Jonny server. For example I had old file http://abdarum.heliohost.org/test/cos.php, I modified it and I can see old version. File cos2 exist, but when I go into link: http://abdarum.heliohost.org/test/cos2.php there is 404 error It looks like Tommy's file explorer and editor use different filesystem than my domain on php(filesystem from Tommy)
  3. When I can use my account on Tommy?
  4. Hi, I donated $1 to move to Tommy abdarum@wp.pl Transaction id: 80566769JG309671X
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