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  1. Thanks for the answer flazepe and luigi, one service that I like on heliohost is the free remote access of postgresql server, So I think I will stay, but I still thinking about that domain either, If I can solve that, so in heliohost server, maybe I just can host postgres server. So it can release some space for another user. I see that disk storage on heliohost almost full too, I cannot imagine if ricky will also down too.
  2. Hi, hosting in jhonny is very slow, but I found good fast free hosting, it is freehostia, but this site is need domain for it. So In heliohost I just want to unhost the domain and then I host the heliohost domain to freehostia, is it possible to do?
  3. Dear, May you please enable postgis extension on my database Database: farkkill_fasiljalan Username: farkkill_operatorHost: johnny.heliohost.org Thank you in advance
  4. Dear, May you please enable remote access to my postgresql database Database: farkkill_fasiljalanUsername: farkkill_operatorHost: johnny.heliohost.org:2083 Thank you in advance
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