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  1. Ok. Thanx. I will wait for this to be resolved.
  2. Yes I have created an addon domain. After added it is showing my account as queued. Thanks.
  3. a. username: hasoftwa b. server: johnny c. main domain: http://ppaonline.site Awaiting an action from your side. Thankx
  4. I am getting error "Invalid Login" while I am trying to login to my heliohost.org account. Please help. username: hasoftwa
  5. It would be an I.T related educational platform using the CMS moodle. Video links will be embedded.
  6. a. hasoftwa b. ppaonline.heliohost.org c. ppaonline.site I have just created my account with Heliohost and after some minutes I logged in back, I found my account was suspended. Kindly help. Regards.
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