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  1. It's ok, thanks! (and sorry for this additional work, I shouldn't have migrated the domain to the other host but I'm glad it all worked out )
  2. Allright. I'm already removed "rydermais.com" from the old account, but I can't add again
  3. No problem, thanks! To leave the domain from cluster, as mentioned, I need to open another forum topic? Sorry for any inconvenience.
  4. I even can try to signup, because when I insert the e-mail only show me to download the content. I'm already with 2 accounts (this and the "ryderm"), so I'll need to create one more to come back to Tommy? When Tommy's host shutdown, I tried to go to Johnny two times, waiting at midnight sharp to signup, but when display to wait account to be create I kept waiting for a long time and nothing changes and, when I reload, it was as if I had even signed up. And now, as I understand it, all old accounts in Tommy would be back (either by transfer from Johnny/Ricky or by invitation via email), and none of them happened to me so I opened the ticket. Since Tommy goes down, things have been very confusing here.
  5. I didn't donated yet because I don't have international credit card (just national, Brazil) I opened the request because, as I understand it, all accounts would be migrated back (and not even the old account I'm being able to access, only the option to download backup appears)
  6. Hi, I see today in Discord¹ about Tommy's Server comes back. I tried to find the invite e-mail² in my inbox but I didn't received yet (and probably I'll not). I just linked the domain to account but i shouldn't have opened, because I was waiting for the back of the server to adjust the site. No need to transfer content, just an invite (can be in rydermais@gmail.com or the same account e-mail) and free the domain cluster³ to point back at Tommy (You may terminate the account on the Ricky server too, to free space for those who need them) Thanks~! ¹https://discordapp.com/channels/398197622168616962/613497920133529617/630243775301550109 ²https://prntscr.com/pkc4uw ³https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/36859-removing-the-domain-cached-in-cluster/
  7. Oh... ok, thanks for the explanation Done here, thank you ^^ I'm already in Johnny, but some days ago I wait registrations be opened (21h, GMT-3) to register in Ricky, and the system show me to wait for the account creation but after some time appears to backup the old data from Tommy and retry to sign up, again, and I couldn't join anymore to Ricky, it closes so fast. Do you have any prediction when Tommy will be back? If it's not too many time there's no problem, I'll wait for Johnny until the signup backs again. At least the domain is working, for now. Thanks anyway for the support!
  8. Hi! I'm receiving this error, while I tried to add the domain in the temporary Johnny account (Tommy > Johnny) I need some help to solve this, and I wanted to know too, if (when Tommy comes back) I'll need to do this again?
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