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  1. nmbayu

    Great SSL News

    Its a great information......Thanks Krydos...
  2. okay thanks for the information....
  3. What about those who won thanksgiving prizes in 2019, did they also get noticed on the position schedule for getting plesk?
  4. nmbayu

    Plesk ETA

    sorry about that, please pay attention to your father first, I don't mind...
  5. nmbayu

    Plesk ETA

    Im understood for that information, thank you very much, I hope transfer to plesk control panel run smootlhy, can't wait that....
  6. nmbayu

    Waiting Plesk

    when plesk come to my website on tommy? I really hope it....
  7. How about progress plesk control panel right now? Is there any web is already moved to that or not?

  8. nmbayu

    Database Cleanup

    good, I hope the progress run smothly.....
  9. Good news, can't wait to use plesk control panel, I hope everything just run smoothly with plesk.....
  10. I use joomla untill now I never get suspended because high load...
  11. Sorry I using arvancloud CDN
  12. Okay, I'll wait my web "nmbayu76.eu.org" on plesk panel on tommy server is activated, I hope run smoothly with that, oh ya my storage on tommy server is 2GB please don't forget, thanks username : nmbayu76 server : Tommy web: nmbayu76.eu.org
  13. Server : Tommy Domain : nmbayu76.eu.org Username : nmbayu76 Hello I can't login to my cpanel on tommy server, please fix it, thanks Best Regards NM Bayu
  14. Hello krydos,

    Excuse me, why I can't login to my cpanel on tommy server? Please fix it, thanks

    My web is: nmbayu76.eu.org

    username: nmbayu76



  15. Okay, thanks for your explanations
  16. Is that cloudflare is suitable on heliohost server?
  17. @all Okay thanks for the attention, I hope after Ricky already upgraded, tommy is also upgrade especially on the software such as PHP and etc....
  18. Can you update PHP version on tommy server?, because my plugin on joomla info this warning, Thank you
  19. or if my web with cloudflare is that make server not high load again using WP?
  20. Thanks but the link is empty, there is no extention jconverter published
  21. or can heliohost help me to migrate to Joomla or other CMS, I really appreciate for that... My knowledge of Joomla and others is still lacking compared to WordPress, so it took me a while to move to that CMS....
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