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  1. Thank you, it works now @Krydos
  2. I have an account with Tommy with my custom .NET domain. I am trying to create a email account for my website. I am sure the MX records are auto configured by cpanel. However, when I create a new email address on my main domain and try to log in with RoundCube, I get the error of "Login Failed" and presented with the login screen. I tried entering the email username with the '@' symbol after it with my domain name and the email username itself, but It doesn't work. Sometimes, I get a 500 internal server error too when I try to relogin. I have not done anything to DNS and I'm not sure what is going on. (post email same as cpanel email). If I use a different client (Horde), I also get a 500 internal server error. How can I fix this?
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