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  1. As time is critical to migrate to Plesk, I offer my "sysadmin" time if needed let me know if I can be of any  help . And for the community member who can have their website "static" I can offer them a temporary "hostless" solution the time Tommy is rebuild as long as the DNS records of their site can still be updated ?


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  2. Would a OpenSource solution Webmin or Zpanel could work with heliohost on the long run, if you need help to migrate system, I can join the admin team if necessary, Also as I am not anymore in California, I am operating in the CEST time zone, that might help to do work around the clock !


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  3. Hi Everyone,


    if rsync is not supported, what would it takes to enable rsync over rssh (see also [1], [2])
    and alternative could be to use scp (via rssh too)

    or to used git over ssh with git-shell the cPanel's git is not configured that way : still required a shell access (see [3])



    Could one of these options be a solution ?

    if it requires to much extra effort to set this up and maintain it I can propose and allocate support and volunteer working time on this.



  4. update: sorry I didn't see the complete message ... it states module is up to date so I think I am fine ...
    Method: Using cpanminus YAML::Syck is up to date. (1.31)


    I was confused with the "false positive" error message for the system installed module

    you can "CLOSE" or "DELETE" this topic, thank you

  5. Dear SysAdmin,


    I am putting back my cgi's on tommy, and noticed that there are missing Modules

    so I went to https://tommy.heliohost.org:2083/cpsess2244074712/frontend/paper_lantern/module_installers/index.html?lang=perl

    and try to install YAML::Syck module for instance

    I have the following error:

    ```Testing connection speed...(using fast method)...Done Ping:1.00054121017456 (ticks) Testing connection speed to ftp.yzu.edu.tw using pureperl...(cached .. 4004.49 bytes/s)...Done Ping:1.00051999092102 (ticks) Testing connection speed to ftp.arnes.si using pureperl...(cached .. 3809.34 bytes/s)...Done Ping:1.00037431716919 (ticks) Testing connection speed to cpan.lnx.sk using pureperl...(cached .. 3664.60 bytes/s)...Done Ping:1.00043797492981 (ticks) Testing connection speed to ftp.carnet.hr using pureperl...(cached .. 3586.73 bytes/s)...Done Ping:1.00057315826416 (ticks) Testing connection speed to mirrors.nav.ro using pureperl...(cached .. 3539.96 bytes/s)...Done Five usable mirrors located Ping:1.00098657608032 (ticks) Testing connection speed to using pureperl...(using cached speed)...Done Ping:1.00148677825928 (ticks) Testing connection speed to using pureperl...(using cached speed)...Done Ping:1.00158524513245 (ticks) Testing connection speed to using pureperl...(using cached speed)...Done Three usable fallback mirrors located Fetching http://ftp.yzu.edu.tw/CPAN/index.html (connected:0).......(request attempt 1/12)...Resolving ftp.yzu.edu.tw...(resolve attempt 1/65)...@ success......Done Mirror Check passed for ftp.yzu.edu.tw (/index.html) Checking C compiler....C compiler (/usr/bin/gcc) OK (cached Sat Oct 19 17:17:57 2019) Tuned C compiler not available because it is not enabled....Done





    Do we have gcc set on Tommy for perl install, not sute what to thing because other module installed properly (??)

    here are the list of the Perl Module I was using on Tommy :








  6. Thanks a lots Krydos, indeed it works now ... my micou@gc-bank.tk account had a 2G quota, is it possible to have the michelc account set the the same quota, I try to be below the 1G, however it is nice to have some leg room to avoid triggering all watchdogs and crashes / suspensions associated with it.



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