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  1. My site does not work because I can not access cpanel to change MySQL database. I try it from my computer but it get IP block. I know you need more time to install Plesk. So I hope you add something like this image to help me access my website database: It can help me continue my project while waiting for Plesk. My heliohost website: quataofr.heliohost.org
  2. thank you for very clear informations, i will consider to buy it when my project is ready.
  3. "Unlimited Bandwidth" mean server can send 1 gigabit per second without any problem? it is amazing.
  4. I am working on a multiplayer game project (using nodejs - socketio). I try to find a vps for my project. Is there any bandwidth limit when I use heliohost vps? How many Mbps my vps can have when I buy it?
  5. maybe it happen because of nodejs application? I will delete the app.
  6. User Name : quataofr Server : Tommy Main Domain : quataofr.heliohost.org ------------------------------------------------------------- Please help unsuspended my web. I dont have any Illegal content in my website. And I dont have many user so I dont think it use many resource.
  7. Look like there is no way I can fix that error. Socket.io uses long polling to help my app run correctly. I think it is enough for my project right now. But I hope there is an easy solution to use Websocket in the future.
  8. I created a sub domain for my nodejs app and It worked. But when I try to use WebsocketIo, the connection failed. Can I use WebsocketIo in nodejs project?
  9. User name: quataofr Domain: quataofr.heliohost.org Server: Tommy I try to create a nodejs application with tutorial in wiki.helionet.org/tutorials/node.js But when I access quataofr.heliohost.org/node/ , It show 404 error. I try to rename my .htacess file but nothing is change.
  10. Hello, I donated for heliohost: Receipt Number: 4545-0723-1718-7212 Email: quataofree@gmail.com 5$ i really want get double storage space in Tommy's server.
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