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  1. Heliohost is linux-based, so ms exchange server won't work here...
  2. Agree with the mods. They can close one eye if you do such a thing and not many ppl know... But if something is wrong with the server because of the content, e.g: DDoS, or the relevant authorities come knocking on djbob's door in the middle of the night to press charges (touch wood), then bad things will happen. That's why rules are put in place... To prevent any unnecessary stuff from happening...
  3. Stevie, I think, is still experiencing problems after the power short-out a few days back. Think of it as someone who suffered loss of blood to the brain for a while, and thus, have some brain damage.
  4. thejoggingmat


    Wow Must improve on my... direct translating skills. Anyway, Geoff is right. This piece of news is very widespread within Helionet. Maybe you could monitor the "News" section, it will keep you up-to-date.
  5. thejoggingmat


    Excuse me, but I doubt I understand what are you talking about. Please, refine your sentences so that we can understand your query/question and assist you.
  6. Suspect its coding fault. Try debugging yr program in VS...
  7. Active SSL...? Where in the mighty and glorious kingdom of cpanel is it cautiously buried in by the makers? I just copied my signed cert key & cert into the "Activate ssl cert" page...
  8. Localhost. Unless the admin has changed mysql host to an external one...
  9. Nope, still dosen't work...
  10. I got my Dedicatd IP from a support request a few days back... http://www.helionet.org/index/index.php?showtopic=8678
  11. Hi, I've set up the SSL certs& keys in Cpanel. However, when I try to access the site with https, it gives me an error that "ssl_error_rx_record_too_long". May I know what's the problem? Site: https://flyhighpizzapie.tk Also, when I try to access http://flyhgihpizzapie.tk:443, it gives me a msg that the heliohost acc is queued... Thks
  12. Hi, I need a dedicated IP for my account. I will be creating my own CA, and signing it using the created CA. Domain: flyhighpizzapie.tk username: arikyeo Thks!
  13. Sometimes, browsers cache your web pages too. For instance, I didn't realise my subdomain was activated at heliohost until 2 wks later, after I flushed my browser cache... I'm using chrome btw.
  14. Hi, my site went down as of yesterday (GMT+8). I can login to cpanel, but accessing the site will lead me to Error 6 by dot.tk. Saw that the admins have moved to Server Charlie, and changed the dns... wonder if the changes have affected my site. Thks...
  15. I doubt that will be possible. It will only lead you to a ban if they do a routine IP sweep (And I think they do it all the time...)
  16. Is it possible to have 50mb more space? Or will it overstress ur hard disks? Thks a million!
  17. But I canot acess Cpanel???? It took me about a week and a half before I could even access my cpanel, and another wewek before I can allow visitors to see the site... So ur mileage may vary...
  18. Yes, something like that. I've seen free hosting sites disable hotlinking using apache's htaccess... so if it's implemented here I'm outta here
  19. Is hotlinking allowed for heliohost sites? I will be hosting my photography portfolio site and my .NET development site here... And I will need to hotlink my images and ZIP files (Don't worry, they are less than 100kb each) here... I tried many other free webhosts before stumbling upon this one but they all have hotlinking disabled...
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