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  1. Pls kindly help me to increase https://ojplanet.ga PHP Max input vars = 3000 … PHP time limit = 300 Upload max file size = 24mb
  2. Account transferred successful ……. Thanks
  3. Hello….. I checked my mail to my surprise have gotten an email to move my domain to plesk, wow good news… but when I click the link ‘Move my account’ it’s showing blank… the mail was sent to me on 12th of May…. Domain… http://ojplanet.ga Mail… toonday247@yahoo.com
  4. Wow 😮... still av a long way to go 🤦‍♂️
  5. For the past one month you didn't move accounts, is moving from one cpanel to another a big issue? Or you just want to focus on the premium user (vps) and abandon us.. are we still HELIOHOST or one of premium hosting site.??... just to port to new cpanel is taking months why?
  6. ojplanet

    Johnny Move

    I don’t think it’s gonna happen this year anymore 😭 😭... Admin pls speed things up
  7. ojplanet

    Johnny Move

    Assuming I installed joomla on my site before CP went down I won’t bother much about the backend control (plesk).... Now my site is empty, no contents at all... https://ojplanet.ga
  8. ojplanet

    Johnny Move

    That’s a big one..... wish I could buy you a beer 🍺 😊.. I knw our admin are working hard to fix things up.. wish you all the best! I stand with HelioHost
  9. ojplanet

    Johnny Move

    Any news on Plesk installation? I knw this is not going to be easy as expected ( 2 weeks )
  10. ojplanet

    Johnny Move

    Good work mr Ashoat 👏
  11. Right now I don’t have heliohost subdomain, I changed from https://ojplanet.heliohost.us to https://ojplanet.ga ...... buh when I open my site ojplanet.ga its still working... hope I won’t have issues when plesk is fully install due to not using Heliohost subdomain as my main domain
  12. Ok but have you started installing the new cpanel (plesk) cause that’s the only news have been waiting for....
  13. What about Joomla? Publii is static not dynamic.... if joomla is good with HH, i want to dedicate my time in learning much about it..
  14. Wow I don’t know it consume a lot of resources like that..... 5 wordpress site to 500 non wordpress site 😮 Goodbye to wordpress, am so sorry for causing high loads all this while and i still complain too much... am so ashamed of myself 😭
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