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  1. Thanks for instant action, Wolstech san and Krydos san
  2. @krydos san I have uploaded a sub domain certificate in /home/abi.../sw....xx.tk(1).zip. Unzipped files are also at same location (/home/abisheak) Request you to kindly install it.
  3. Dear Admins, For your kind notice & action. (Low priority) Tommy server : /var space is less than 10% of original size. Will run out of space in about 10-15 days.
  4. abisheak

    Johnny Move

    If any of the work can be completed on a shared basis, please let us know. I am good in scripting and also quick learner. Modular work (if possible) can be shared and worked upon. Of course, starting from scratch for outsiders, is tedious to organize but sometimes can be beneficial. Decision is all yours Krydos san...
  5. I have come across responses good, bad and worst from people across all levels, but the response given above is way above all of them. Such courteous and refined response from an admin is exemplary for all of us and also the length and detail reflect his dedication and commitment to user satisfaction. Kudos to Krydos san.
  6. @krydos san I have uploaded a sub domain certificate in /home/abi/sw....xx.tk.zip Request you to kindly install it.
  7. Older versions of browsers can accept the expired certificates permanently and continue using the website without alerts. Crude remedy, in case you have any presentation of your website in the 6.30 meeting # not a solution but a cover up for the meeting only#
  8. Hi Admins, Sub domain SSL certificate generated by cPanel has expired. I have renewed it using SSLForFree and have the renewed certs but direction-less in installing it. Should I wait for my account to be moved to Plesk platform? or can the admins install it by some other means?
  9. Hi Nemo1 san, I am not an expert. Just offering to help. In case of huge table with many records, do you use Insert for every record or insert ... values.... type? Many Foreign keys constraints? On insert or delete on update or triggers?
  10. abisheak

    Johnny Move

    Great work Ashoat san. 👏 Good going team Heliohost
  11. Disk space recovered. Thanks Jenova San for escalating and Krydos San for fixing it
  12. Dear Admin, Warning: session_start(): open(/var/cpanel/php/sessions/ea-php74/sess_xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, O_RDWR) failed: No space left on device (28) Tommy : /var is full
  13. Nice foolproof idea. Thanks a lot, @balloons san. Thanks once again Krydos san
  14. I changed the SSH port from 22 to 6287 or 6143 or 6003. I tried in all these ports but unable to reach the system. Would a restart of the OS on VM suffice? I have set the port in SSHD config. Your kind help needed. Krydos san, every attempt by me to configure the VPS is eventually troubling you.
  15. Tommy server: Warning: session_start(): open(/var/cpanel/php/sessions/ea-php74/sess_14a0f8e67a702e2fb12f913a679877f2, O_RDWR) failed: No space left on device (28). Dear admins, Please look into this, please. Temporary issue till Plesk migration? ETA solution?
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