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  1. Who would've thought that a pair of Italian plumbers created by Japanese programmers would captivate the world so? I think it's more odd that a simple arcade game consisting of a character named Jump Man, who battled an oversized Ape hurling barrles to save a princess, evolved into what is now Nintendo's star icon. - ArceRC - Van OMG. Your talking about Donkey Kong? Was I right? But before the creation of the GIANT APE, Nintendo's icon was still Mario Brothers; consisting of Mario and Luigi.
  2. okay i havn't played any instruments in the last 2 years. But when I was younger, i started with the recorder. Then I went to Clarinet..the I tried the guitar for like 2 months. And then I just stuck with singing. I have sung in over 2 years in front of a crowd.
  3. The sandman was most likely in the comics. The creators of Spider Man wanted most of the characters in the comics in the movies. I will have to agree that there was a lot of characters in the last movie and that just made it dumb. The green goblin becoming all nice, it takes time for someone to be nice and not just in one movie. Also, I didn't quite get the purpose of the SandMan...
  4. Please be more specific when you say new account. Did you mean new Helionet forum account? A new hosting account? Seriously, be more specific.
  5. I use it for playing online games, web design, enhancing my knowledge, and chatting with my friends... I use comcast to get my internet, i use wifi connection when i'm in the city on my laptop. I don't use the internet on the phone, i text message, i make calls, thats it.
  6. I dont know an answer to your question. But probably a lot. Our universe is so large that scientists don't even know how big it is or could be. There could be hundreds of planets that could have life on it. It could be human life, another creature, its just too big and we don't have the right technology to figure it out yet.
  7. I'm a male..has been since i was born.
  8. lol, Macbook earth, water and fire? That cant be real. Even though it sounds pretty cool.
  9. what is the commodore Sx-64? was it like the first computer ever?
  10. I dont like both of them, but i use limewire. Also, be aware that users of any file sharing should be aware. keep your eyes open.
  11. excuse your language. anyways, the last movie i saw was I Am Legend. It was great. Didn't know what it was about, but it was more than what i expected.
  12. Does anyone own it? Any opinions about it?
  13. i thought it was pretty funny. I mean it started out funny with the pictures, then it became more graphic and towards the end it became funnier. Number 1 recommendation from me.
  14. the first introduced everything, and it was pretty cool at the time. But now when you look back at it after watching all of them, it doesnt look so good. am i wrong?
  15. by all means yes. The 5th was not as good as i expected, but the first was the most suckiest i've ever seen.
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