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  1. I don't use btc, however, is there a specific amount needed to be donated to get an invite? I find that not being able to create a MySQL database is impeding my learning process when trying to create apps or IoT devices. I was able to successfully install phpMyAdmin but I don't have permission to create a database. šŸ˜ž Currently I have only donated $25 back in June, and that probably puts me a bit far down on the list.
  2. Can I get this IP "" unblocked also? It appears that "user=<admin@<removed>.blog>" was an issue in two different apps on my mobile device. I think I have that fully resolved now.
  3. Thanks, It appears that I still had it pointed to the Johnny servers.
  4. I seem to be blocked again. Does it happen to show which email address is causing this error?
  5. It appears that my IP Address has been blocked. I would like to request that it be unblocked please.
  6. I guess I should have done that before I requested the move. Iā€™m sure I can rebuild most of it. Chalk this up as a lesson learned.... LOL
  7. Thanks for the move. I do have a concern though. All of the MySQL entries have disappeared, how do I restore them?
  8. Could I please have my account moved to the Tommy Server? User account name is : stewert Donation transaction id is : 8AN678159X8510611 Thank You.
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