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  1. hey karath, there's no need to insult anyone in this forum...especially when they're asking for some help... by the way, your grammar isn't so great either..i think you should lighten up and take your MINI-modding job easier...cool?
  2. yea, it's true...25 posts a month will get you free hosting with 150mb webspace and 1.5gb bandwith... i'll hook you up with 250 free helions to start you off =) just make sure you follow all the forum rules and you'll be alright...
  3. hey djbob, just bumpin' this so you see it...
  4. http://www.free-webhosts.com/reviews/HelioHost.php?page=2 Reviewed on: 2007-04-03 - (IP: 58.10.x.x) - Rated: 10 Awesome host. You can get free web page hosting and a free domain name. For the free domain, you have to post messages in their forum. They have been around for a while, and I have a very good feeling that they will stick around for a long time. Their forum is pretty cool too, as there is a lot of different types of topics to post in. You can not go wrong with heliohost! http://www.freehostsfinder.com/host-review...&HostID=138 Comment No.= 7 Name: krazyboi IP : 58.10.161.X at 2007-04-04 02:45:13 Rate: 10 there is no doubt that heliohost is the best free hosting site out there...very helpful staff...very friendly members...very easy to get a free domain as long as you post messages on their very active and interesting forum...
  5. transformers was pretty cool...it was better than i expected.
  6. so what do you guys think happens when we die? our bodies probably just decompose and continues the cycle of life....but what happens to our souls? do our souls just wander around the earth? in heaven? in hell? just disappear? or do our souls also recycle into other life? hmm..interesting... if our bodies and souls just disappear at the time of our death, will we ever find the answers?
  7. haha yea, it's kind of confusing...here, let me try to explain it again... let's say the correct way to go is the left...if you ask each one what the other would say, then they'd both say right...see, if you ask the truthful guy what his lying brother would say, the truthful guy would say right since he knows his brother would lie...if you ask the liar brother what his truthful brother would say, he would say right since he is a liar...therefore, you should go left... =)
  8. yo momma so fat she uses the mississippi river as a slip n' slide
  9. i recommend this movie to all of you out there...it's pretty [bleeped!] funny! it's a dark comedy, so watch it if you're into that sort of thing...
  10. knock knock... who's there? nobody... nobody who? hey, nobody who?!? =)
  11. welcome to helionet! and awesome joe is right...just learn how to use the bank and you'll be set!
  12. here, these are just guesses... 1. his bicycle? his pouch? himself? 2. Carlota is his fish and the tank broke? 3. charcoal?
  13. yea, i know he's kidding...but kidding once is enough...i'm just trying to help him realize that if he keeps at it, it's just going to make him seem dumb...
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