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  1. Ok, thanks for letting me know! i will look it and try for now if i am able from cloudflare if i can redirect them to other inbox.
  2. Hello there. I haven't saw any other to complain so... username: ecitygr server: tommy main domain ecity.gr (i don't remember my sub). I go to tommy's page and says i 1st go to tommy.heliohost.org And get: Account Queued HelioHost Ahoy! You're seeing this page because HelioHost has not gotten about to installing and configuring your account yet. This process usually takes 24 hours, and once it is complete your website should show up properly. While the account is being created we suggest taking a look at your control panel. Login to your control panel Thanks for choosing HelioHost! We wish you good luck with your website. Sincerely, I go to login as suggested and receive that: Login Not Available We are in the process of upgrading our servers to use the Plesk control panel right now so you won't be able to log in to existing accounts or create new accounts until this process is done. Our plan is to copy over all users to the new system automatically. During the upgrade process websites won't go inactive or be suspended, and your website will remain online. We're really excited to offer this new control panel. You can follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for the latest news. If you need help with anything don't hesitate to contact support. Thank you for your patience during this upgrade to Plesk. I don't care for the data i know is safe and is online but i have not access to emails and control them. I can only files from ftp. Thanks!
  3. Good! I have tried many panels nothing similar to cPanel features, but Plesk and Hespia are my top alternatives in my racks as they are simple and lightweight.
  4. is tommy ok? or still in process? the site is up but no access while i press to log in to the plesk and brings me here, also the mails don't work i removed them temp till fixed and stop my outlook asks for password repeatedly. Also the site is through cloudflare. Please if we need to do a connection to your dns servers if changed let us know. I admire you going through this and i know you do your best! Something i wanna ask, when signed contract to cpanel it was clear that did mention that their policy could change any time? if they not then... you can go legally. The last year many got the same issue but they claim signed for life time and not limited... so the talk with hosts you buy plans got the same and lately escalated and call it "ransomware" behavior. I don't saying "hey the did it in purpose and broke an agreement" it is what i suggest to look at this in case you can expose them.
  5. Ok i got it. Thanks for your reply! 👍
  6. You are not the only facing this i remember and other hosts with paid subscriptions cPanel did them the same. Some change it with another. That was 3 years ago, another company added +0.40 $ for yearly plans... so 12 x 0.40. What i try figure out is that the sites will be online but without access to any panel? If that is, then i can't complain from my site as is made with some A.I code i wrote and take care it's self without need to go at any panel. Also if goes down i have the solution of a free 1 month without C.C. or D.C.banks, paypal. So i can easy transfer it there while you installing plesk.
  7. Hi, my account is ecitygr and i want to move from Johnny to Tommy Here is my donation: Benefiting charity: Helio Networks Program: GoFundMe Certified Charity Campaigns Transaction ID: 1G39200079043710S Date: Feb 25, 2020 11:45:46 PST Your contribution: $5.00 USD Your Tax deductible contribution: $5.00 USD Thank you!
  8. Thank you for unsuspending it! The truth is that lately had became popular. I will try to do whatever need to somehow cause lower load. Thank you again!
  9. Please unsuspend ecitygr Hosted at Johnny. I read the ToS but i didn't found any violation... i don't know why happened. Thank you!
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