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  1. Hello dear, sorry, can you verify my account please? my account email is registered : odilonserandrian [at]gmail.com i make the paiement using Visa Card on 28-05-2022, i save the link after payment: https://www.heliohost.org/eta/thanks/?id=2J260397NK736211E Maybe transcation id is: 2J260397NK736211E Thank you!
  2. Sir, please, check this, i juste make a litle donation to move on the Tommy server if it possible, justle litle because i don't have enought, but hope, you will accept. Thank you. Bitcoin TXT ID: 83185c48767a99b1f73291b782c3bf27c16af0d98fd885e14a6f1b5024940534 (sorry, at my country paypal is not accepted, so i use Bitcoin) BTC: 0.00062350 (5.5$) email: odilonserandrian at gmail.com (dagounlock.tk)
  3. ok, so you recommanded me to use joomla? ok, thanks, i'll change.
  4. Hello everyone, Sorry for my question, i'm new here. Recently, I received a 500 error on my site, and it is really slow to open.I already modified the php.ini file before, then delete the contents of the worpress and reinsttalle again but, the problem still remains. (500 Internal server error). So, please what can I do, how can I have a server, easy to open and without this problem (500) for my little wordpress website? site: http://dagounlock.tk/ Thank you so much.
  5. Hello Sir, Can you help me please? When i try to login with my correct username and passoword, it show invalid login! So, i reset my password then ... i have : Error. error I try this after many minutes, but same error. Thank you :-) username: odilonse email: odillonserandrian [at] gmail.com
  6. Thank you, it's OK now.. i use vpn!
  7. Hello Sir, Sorry, can you help me: when i try to login on Cpanel, it show: " Your IP address has changed. Please log in again. " After, when i try to login with my Username and password: The login is invalid. - username: odilonse Thank you !
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