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  1. cpmove-esn024\homedir\public_html\animatsiya\subtitles Don't trouble yourselves on my account, but perhaps whatever bug it was affected someone else.
  2. And most of the others funnel it right to the NSA, as Snowden revealed, so pick your poison. If you live in the West, presumably the KGB's a better option (and vice versa). How about https://criptext.com/ ? Open-source, double-end encrypted and stored locally... 3 free email accounts, but you can use it together with AnonAddy (a good option for "signing up for spammy sites"). Even if they close your account, your emails will still be on your device. Then you can just open up a new account, change the receiving address at AnonAddy and continue as usual.
  3. Actually, there is an issue. One of my folders should have had a bit over 800 files (8.49mb), but the one in the backup has only 407 files (3.8mb). It doesn't matter in my case because I had a backup of that folder anyway, but it might be an issue for someone else as well...
  4. Thank you! I had some trouble finding where things were at first, because there were some folders that looked like the right ones but had very little inside. In case this helps anyone else, here's where you look: The static website files are inside cpmove-[YOUR_USERNAME]\homedir\public_html The database (SQL) backups are inside cpmove-[YOUR_USERNAME]\mysql
  5. I would like to know this as well. Although it's not the end of the world for me because I had manually made a .sql backup 2 days ago. (the server was giving me errors even back then, and I had to retry it 6-7 times before it would make a proper one).
  6. a. your HelioHost username - Esn024 b. the server your account is on - Tommy c. your HelioHost main domain - I think this is thebrooksreflections.heliohost.org - there is also a more recent "animatsiya" site under the main one I've renewed it now, but will it get suspended again? After all, I had logged in only this morning, so why was it actually suspended? I know I've also been having some server error issues for the past few weeks, I'd been meaning to try and fix them or ask for help but hadn't gotten around to it.
  7. Hi, thanks, but my second website is still not showing up correctly. Never mind, I hadn't changed the database host name in my PHP files. Fixed now.
  8. Paypal transaction #: 5F686819PP794223P I accidentally waited longer than I meant to, I hope it's not too late yet. Incidentally, any news on that new scalable server?
  9. I just logged into cpanel yesterday, so I'm not sure how it got triggered. I clicked "renew" on the email, website worked once more, but within the hour I get another email and the website is removed for inactivity again. Repeat, repeat, repeat...
  10. Hello, I'm using FileZilla to backup my site files to my own computer. I want to preserve the timestamps in both directions. They ARE preserved when I transfer from my computer to the server, but not the other way around. I checked the FileZilla forum and someone wrote: So my question is, can I preserve timestamps? If so, how? Thank you.
  11. It looks like ricky crashed again a few hours ago. It was down I think 11 hours yesterday. Is this coincidence, or is something going on?
  12. I'm getting some server errors on my site, and was wondering if anyone could point me at the right direction to get rid of them. I only get them sometimes, and I haven't pinpointed yet what is causing them. One is: mysqli_connect(): (HY000/2002): Connection refused in [...]/openconnection.php on line 2The code on line 2 of that file is $dbc = mysqli_connect(DB_HOST, DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD, DB_NAME);Another is (HY000/1203): User [...] already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections in [...]/openconnection.php on line 2
  13. Thank you wolstech. What very odd behaviour, serving a random page... I can see it is working properly again now.
  14. Something has changed, but it's still not right - thebrooksreflections.com is now pointing to a page that says "Ricky Server Powered by HelioHost"
  15. cpanel shows my primary domain as thebrooksreflections.heliohost.org I have been hosting thebrooksreflections.com and had this domain set up as an alias in cpanel. This worked fine. I am now trying to add a second website, animatsiya.net I used the addon domains feature, which automatically creates any new document root folder in public_html, this makes it accessible from my original domain. I'd like to avoid this, as they are separate websites. To fix this, I removed thebrooksreflections.com as an alias and added it as an addon domain thebrooksreflections.com should now be pointing to public_html/thebrooksreflections and animatsiya.net should be pointing to public_html/animatsiya but thebrooksreflections.com is still accessing public_html as its root What am I doing wrong?
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