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  1. File Not Found Error Occurs eventhough file exists in the main directory, i.e. home/ar7/bot.py File Name : bot.py Server : Tommy Username : ar7
  2. Please install the "autolist" python module. I need it for my project code. Server : Tommy Username : ar7 PyPi Link : https://pypi.org/project/autolist/ Thanks in advance, AbelR007
  3. I needed the logs for my files because I want to check why my files arent working. Username : ar7 Main website : ar7.heliohost.org Thanks in Advance, AR7
  4. Oh ! OK. Thanks. Requesting to remove my website arstudios.tech from the previous account, so that I can add it on my new account. Thanks in Advance, Regards, AbelR007
  5. To HelioHost Admins, Sorry for the disturbance but my Heliohost account was suspended due to Idle or No activity. Username : ar7 I had not logged in via Heliohost account more than 30 days, because I was busy editing my website and I thought it wasn't necessary. Please unsuspend my account as fast as possible. Thanks in Advance, Regards, AR7
  6. To admins, My website got suspended when I was working on it. I am using Wordpress. Website : logosclub.cf Email Address : abelroi007@gmail.com I want to request an Unsuspension and want my website to be back online. Please reply as soon as possible, Thanks in Advance, Regards, AbelR007
  7. To Krydos, I have successfully deleted my account through the link you give. Could you now send the Tommy invite for a new account ??? Email Address :- abelroi007@gmail.com Thanking You in advance, Regards, Abel Roy
  8. To admins, I was lately having an issue adding domains as it was redirecting to my main domain for some reason. So, I decided to delete my websites and adding it again and took a backup of the files. But the Account deletion script was not working for some reason. So, I would consider Deleting my Helio-host account and send a Tommy invite to create a new one. Also, I have taken a full backup of files. Username : ar7 Email Account : abelroi007@gmail.com Thanking You, Looking forward for your response, Regards, Abel Roy
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