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    I was on Johnny, and have been waiting patiently. Now I see that a donation I made in Oct of 2020 should have been counted towards my new plesk account, but was not. Transaction ID: 4RG09300B7737700A and the forum thread https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/41352-hh902402-re-2020-server-improvements/ One question about the new signups. Will I still have my increased storage under the new system?
  2. You will not get 10gb from donating any amount. Irregardless of your current storage allotment, you can get a max of 5gb. The max you can get from a $25 or higher donation is a 5gb. (actually it seams you can get a max of 5gb from a $20 donation, 4gb donation + 1gb starting storage).
  3. Thanks (wish I knew the email was just posting here, I could of done that). Here is my Transaction ID: 4RG09300B7737700A Thanks for keeping this great free service running.
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