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  1. Hi, Is it possible to have 2FA removed from my account on Tommy? I have managed to lose my 2FA secret, despite the fact that I would've needed it in the first place to activate 2FA...so, how that happened beats me. Nonetheless, I would like 2FA removed from my account. Thanks! Server: Tommy Username: tycoon59 Main Domain: tycoon.heliohost.org
  2. Hi, Is it possible to have the Amazon Web Services SDK for Python (aka Boto3) be installed on Tommy? I would like the SDK installed so I can leverage AWS resources when making either Flask or regular Python-CGI apps (or potentially Django apps in the future). In theory, by using AWS resources, more powerful websites/apps could be created whilst still remaining fairly cheap to run overall; for instance, instead of having Tommy calculate 100,000 rounds of a SHA256 hash (or other hash), Tommy could calculate the first round then send this to an AWS Lambda function, and wait for the response (for instance, Lambda could calculate the other 99,999 rounds, then check a DynamoDB database for whether or not such a record exists). Other uses might include being able to "get around" the 1 GB file storage quota, such as by storing larger files (such as high resolution pictures) in Amazon S3 storage buckets, then having the server retrieve these items from S3 when requested by a user (and potentially cache them on the server for a short amount of time); or utilizing Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) to make and use SQL databases larger than 1 GB; among many other services (though, with the exception of Amazon Aurora Serverless, RDS databases can be accessed via a URL endpoint if configured correctly). A certain trade off here is that utilizing AWS services, while likely less CPU intensive, could be more memory intensive; though I haven't tested out whether or not this is true. Thanks! ~Tycoon
  3. Hey, me again...... So, this time I'm having problems logging into HelioHost via the login screen on the main HelioHost website. Despite this, logging into cPanel via https://cpanel.tyccon.heliohost.org/ does work when using the same credentials on both websites. I don't know if I broke it by enabling 2FA on my cPanel login (which I have since disabled after I encountered this issue), or if changing my password on cPanel broke something, or if this is just a side effect of something unrelated. Anyhow, hopefully you guys can find a fix for this--this seems like a very weird (and rare) issue to ever have. Thanks! ~Tycoon User Info Username: tycoon59 Domain: tycoon.heliohost.org Server: Tommy
  4. Hey, First Thing Firstly, I'm still a little (...ok, very) confused about how to trigger scripts in /username/public_html/cgi-bin when going to main-domain.heliohost.org/ or any other directory that isn't "cgi-bin/". I attempted to use the replicate the "extra" bit at the end of the Python tutorial on the wiki, however this didn't work and I'm still just getting Apache's regular "Index of <directory path>" directory explorer page when going to my website, instead of "Heliohost rules!" like what I'm expecting. Second Thing Secondly, what's the best way to utilize 'secure' APIs (i.e., any API that requires something such as an "Authorization: Bearer <API Key>" header) while reducing the likelihood that API credentials would be exposed to the public either through the regular browser window or developer tools built into browsers (developer tools being things such as Chrome DevTools, which is the "Inspect Element" tool among others built into Chrome)? I want to avoid exposing any API credentials to the public as best I can, and I'm not sure what the best and/or most secure way of doing this is (whether that be putting a .env file into the cgi-bin directory and then utilizing that (which doesn't seem to be a very secure solution, to my eye anyway), or somehow invoking scripts which aren't are descendant of /public_html/, which I'm still not sure how to do, or something else). This leads me on to my next point... Third Thing Thirdly, can the Amazon AWS Boto3 SDK for Python (and its required packages, of course) be installed on Tommy? The Pypi page for Boto3 lists Python 3.7 as a compatible version of Python (I think, anyway), so, barring memory and CPU constraints (which I don't think should be a problem given, but I'm not sure of this), this should be fine for usage on Tommy. (Given that this isn't already on Tommy, I seem to be the only one who wants the Boto3 SDK, so I'll explain myself as to why I want it. Also, now you see why I want to know the best way of utilizing 'secure' APIs in scripts.) My main reason for wanting the Boto3 SDK is so that I can utilize (likely more powerful) AWS services within my web pages, thereby allowing me to do much more powerful operations whilst, in theory, still keeping my share of Tommy's load fairly minimal. After thinking about this for a few minutes before posting this, utilizing AWS in this way should allow for more powerful operations to occur without causing too much strain on Tommy, since, to me anyway, there's a quite large load difference between having Tommy wait for an HTTP response from AWS and having Tommy, for example, calculate 100,000 rounds of a SHA-256 hash. (Though I don't know whether or not the memory used up by the Boto3 SDK would eat up, or overtake, the savings of utilizing AWS services over having Tommy do these things on its own; thereby reducing (or completely defeating) the purpose of moving intensive operations to AWS. I also don't really know what latency would be like, though page loading would certainly be slower than if Tommy did things on its own.) Moved to: https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/40647-install-aws-boto3-sdk-for-python-on-tommy/ Thanks for the help (and for reading my, somewhat famous, long walls of text I seem post on every forum I post stuff in...)! ~Tycoon
  5. Hi, I recently managed to get a signup on Tommy server after having been on both Johnny and Ricky. Since I had problems with deleting my account on Ricky (the deletion script kept giving an invalid password error despite me entering the same credentials I use on the regular Heliohost login page (with the latter page logging me in successfully)), is there any way I can have my account on Ricky deleted? Additionally, is there any way I could have my new account get the username and main-domain from my old account? If not, that's perfectly fine. Lastly, does it matter if my Heliohost and Helionet email does not match? I technically used two different emails to sign up, therefore making my Heliohost account not linked with a Helionet account. (The email I used to signup for Tommy is technically different from the Helionet account I use (aka, this account) for support, which I feel could make support inquiries slightly more difficult if I ever run into issue in the future.) I apologize if this forum post isn't in the right category, but my first two inquiries seemed to fit the "Customer Service" category more so than the "Questions" category, so I decided to put it here. Thanks! Tycoon Old Account: Username: tycoon Main Domain: https://tycoon.heliohost.org/ Server: Ricky New Account: Username: tycoon59 Main Domain: https://tycoon59.heliohost.org/ Server: Tommy
  6. Holy moly...that is quick. Alright, thanks for that; I guess I'd practically have to cross my fingers and hope that I manage to click fast enough to get in. Alrighty. With that in mind, I think I'll just stay on Ricky for now. I don't really need to host anything that couldn't be accomplished with client-side JavaScript and a REST API linked to something like AWS, so I think Ricky will be fine for my needs. Thanks for confirming that!
  7. I was going to sign up for Tommy today but when I went to sign up right when signups reopened (in other words, I went to sign up right around midnight UTC), I noticed that Tommy was marked as full, even though I had just refreshed the page (the page even told me to wait 23 hours and 60 minutes before trying to signup for Tommy again). Is Tommy actually full, or was I just unlucky and all of Tommy's signups were taken right as the signups reopened? Additionally, how do I know when my account has been deleted? I was signing up for Tommy because I wanted to move to it from Johnny, and I'm fairly sure I deleted my old account, but it's hard to tell for sure because, although my old domain and login credentials no longer work, the "Delete Account" errored after I submitted my credentials (it gave me an error along the lines of "your account couldn't be found in our database", or something similar; also, for what it's worth, my older username wasn't available, though I do know that many other sites disallow signups using usernames of disallowed accounts, so it could be very likely that HelioHost does the same). Lastly, what is the "real world" up time of Ricky compared to Tommy? I've settled for Ricky until I get confirmation that Tommy works, but I also might just stay with Ricky if Ricky's up time is still quite comparable to Tommy's. (Johnny's up time also felt kind of bad to me, since every day I would experiment with Johnny, I would as lose connection to Johnny via cPanel (I'm not sure about going to my actual website; it probably didn't connect but I don't recall if this is the case) and it would take more than a few minutes before I could reconnect to Johnny successfully. Old Account Username: tycoon13 Domain: tycoon13.heliohost.org Server: Johnny New Account Username: tycoon Domain: tycoon.heliohost.org Server: Ricky
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