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  1. there is an upcoming windows server 2022 which is the server version of windows 11 until it gets released you will just have to wait. edit: i just found out it has already been released so please ignore what's above.
  2. i may be a bit late but Gatsby is another alternative.
  3. Read the news, you or any root admin cant install an ssl certificate right now.
  4. im making this post because someone said they couldn't post.
  5. Is there a way i can have my account from ricky moved to the new tommy server?
  6. They have a free demo you can try: https://webpro-lin.demo.plesk.com:8443/smb/web/view https://webhost-lin.demo.plesk.com:8443/admin/home/ Windows: https://webpro-win.demo.plesk.com:8443/smb/web/view https://webhost-win.demo.plesk.com:8443/admin/home/
  7. Moneybroz.heliohost.us but you just made a typo in the post though.
  8. Is there any way i can get a .heliohost.us domain without deleting my account?
  9. Can someone move my account from tommy to ricky.
  10. You Hope its suspended,or is this a typo?
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