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  1. They have a free demo you can try: https://webpro-lin.demo.plesk.com:8443/smb/web/view https://webhost-lin.demo.plesk.com:8443/admin/home/ Windows: https://webpro-win.demo.plesk.com:8443/smb/web/view https://webhost-win.demo.plesk.com:8443/admin/home/
  2. Moneybroz.heliohost.us but you just made a typo in the post though.
  3. Is there any way i can get a .heliohost.us domain without deleting my account?
  4. Can someone move my account from tommy to ricky.
  5. You Hope its suspended,or is this a typo?
  6. By their username, I'd say it was a banking page lol.
  7. just add it yourself via the DNS Zone Editor in cPanel.. ..And if you think you can verify the root domain heliohost.us, then your wrong...
  8. the website i linked supports wildcard and unlimited amount of domains..
  9. i personally recommend https://punchsalad.com/ssl-certificate-generator/
  10. freessl.space doesn't work properly, the site is displaying php errors all over the place!
  11. also notice that this is his only post.......
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