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  1. I think my problem is that i am using apache code instead of nginx code
  2. options +indexes is the only thing in there, i completely wiped the file.
  3. it might be something to do with my account
  4. The .htaccess file is not the issue, i will wait for a root admin to assist me further.
  5. Options not allowed here, referer: https://moneybroz.heliohost.us/wp-test/ i think it is the .htaccess file causing the issue, i will investigate this.
  6. You can check at https://heliohost.org/eta
  7. My site at moneybroz.heliohost.us get a 500 internal server error no matter what i do. i am trying to test the functionality of wordpress and it shows this error on every file i upload a file. even non-wordpress files.
  8. A bot is what posts the emails here, it might take a few minutes before it is posted.
  9. If you don't have an account already, a root admin will make an account for you and put you on the eta list.
  10. You can check your account status at https://heliohost.org/eta Tommy is still utilizing the dead cPanel installation and will still be a while before it is using plesk. They are moving accounts to plesk tommy first then they will start the plesk installation on Ricky, Johnny, and Tommy afterwards.
  11. Heliohosts servers are based only in the us at this moment
  12. i haven't tried yet, but when i do i will let you know of any issues.
  13. Yeah, i selected "Allow Remote Connections from any host"
  14. What is the remote mysql port on plesk tommy?
  15. i dug into the images thing and it shows a 404 error on the pages that the images are located.
  16. Nevermind, i just figured out the issue. i forgot to set the password for the database user
  17. I am getting this error when i try to access phpmyadmin
  18. it's weird because plesk shouldn't be redirecting to the cpanel suspension page, i think you may have been suspended before you were transfered.
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