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  1. Oh, i thought u had like 5 days to renew, before its turned into a archive (cpmv) file.
  2. Yeah, went ahead and did that. Oh, i thought my account was archived because i wasn't active for 30 days, probably is because i had wordpress on it lol.
  3. yeah, all i know it was just archived.
  4. man created a army of accounts LOL
  5. As i know that you are moving to the plesk panel, i just wanted to ask if my account archive will be moved to plesk. The issue is, it is a cpanel archive last modified on 2021-07-25. i just wanted to know if my account will still be imported to plesk, or it will be deleted and i have to import my user files to plesk.
  6. Hello I would like my account to be un archived That would be super helpful! My username is Ethansua
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