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  1. Could I be unblocked please ?
  2. Hi folks Could someone have a stab at unsuspending this account again please? Thanks
  3. Live and learn, thanks, and sorry for the hassle
  4. Hi, I believe I accidentally triggered my own suspension! I run the new website for a local club, and log into the cPanel pretty frequently. However, today I sent an email out to a selection of our club members (about 100 of them) regard a change to opening times and new Covid restrictions. It's a regular mailing list used from club updates to members, and is in no way unsolicited - it's strictly opt-in. However, with hindsight, I can see that it would look very much like an attempt to send spam, and I'm guessing that why my account now has been suspended. Please, could the account be re-instated? If the mailing list is problematic, and can happily agree to use Heliohost's server to send it - normally we'd use SendGrid but I was in a rush! Many thanks Anthony Heliohost Username: atootell Server: Tommy Main Domain : RHGC.ORG.UK
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