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  1. Yea no worries, I'll find another data visualization service, I appreciate all the assistance, thank you!
  2. No I've been trying for the past day and doing some troubleshooting but I am not sure it will work. I found on their FAQ that they only support up through Version 12, and from my understanding HelioHost is using 13.x, correct? https://support.google.com/looker-studio/answer/7288010#how-to-connect-to-postgresql&zippy=%2Cin-this-article
  3. Hey @Krydos Circling back to the original post on this thread. I was not able to get that database to work, so I created a new database 'bee1_hives' with the user 'bee1_hive_user'. The bee1_hives db now works and I am currently submitting data into it. My next dilemma is that I used to be able to connect a postgres db to Google Data Studio, but when I try to connect this new db I am getting an error on connection (there is no record of what their error codes mean unfortunately). I am trying to troubleshoot this, so I guess my question and thoughts are... - The bee1_hive_user is able to submit data into the db, but is there an additional permission which needs to be enabled for remote connection, reading? - Do you need to allow connection from the Google Data Studio IPs? If so these are the IPs I need opened please, if possible. 2001:4860:4807::/48 (Optional, for platforms that support IPv6) Reference Article: https://support.google.com/looker-studio/answer/11521624?visit_id=638028271131359562-3095635232&p=jdbc-ip-23&rd=1#jul-14-2022
  4. Thank you, this is working now!
  5. Also, once the above has been granted, will I be able to create a table in the database?
  6. Hi, I have just created a new db for my account called 'bee1_hives'. Can you please... 1. Open access for the new user as well 'bee1_hive_user' for insert and read permissions AND 2. Open access so I can remote into it with PGAdmin please? Thank you!
  7. Hey, So - I've tried all sorts of way to get this to work and it is just not getting there, haha. I am going to create a new table and see if I can commit into that and then check back in with you, I appreciate the help so far!
  8. Hey @Krydos, I am still getting this error.... psycopg2.errors.UndefinedTable: relation "bee_data_table" does not exist LINE 1: INSERT INTO bee_data_table (beekeeper_id, sensor_id, hive_te... There is a little carrot ^ under the "b" of "bee_data_table" on the LINE 1 Here is what I am trying to insert: INSERT INTO bee_data_table (beekeeper_id, sensor_id, hive_temp, hive_hum, weather_temp, weather_hum, time_taken) VALUES (ian, 2, 10, 10, 10, 10, 2020-09-29 13:07:09) I am using the bee1_sensor_user, into the bee1_sensor_data DB Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks!
  9. Hey @Krydos, Thanks for your help on the above IP address correction. It seems I am still having an issue. I can connect to the database but it says my tables do not exist. I am trying to insert into the "bee_data_table" with the "bee1_sensor_user". Does this user have insert rights?
  10. Hey Krydos, Sorry for the lack of response on this - I've been trying to troubleshoot this but I still cannot commit data into the database. Since my account was moved to Plesk did the IP change? Right now I have it pointing to - is that still correct?
  11. Hi Krydos, the following users: bee1_sensor_user bee1_remote bee1_data on the "bee1_sensor_data" db please.
  12. Hi All, I was wondering how I go about getting the following IPs allowed to connect to my PostgresDB hosted on Tommy? It seems things have changed on their end and need these opened up now for continued use. The google article I was sent by Google: https://support.google.com/datastudio/answer/7288010?hl=en&ref_topic=7332343#zippy=%2Cin-this-article%2Cshow-the-list-of-ip-addresses Thanks!
  13. Hi, I was just moved to Tommy and I am having issues connecting remotely to my PostgreSQL DB. Can you please enable remote connection for the following database and 3 users. database: bee1_sensor_data users: bee1_sensor_user bee1_remote bee1_data Thank you!
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