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  1. please kindly install ssl certificates for website im co-managing under username "shinjuke" on Ricky. The certs are in the ssl/2021-dec folder thanks!!
  2. for my tommy site, I was wondering how to install new https certificates? I uploaded the files to the edyu/ssl/oct2021/, thanks! If there's a way I could do it on my end (until plesk is up) please let me know, thanks
  3. Hi please unblock me from accessing edyu.heliohost.org thanks
  4. I made a PapPal donation with transaction id 20435680737222856. Could I have my site at edyu.heliohost.org moved to Tommy please? Thanks
  5. Hi please unblock me I was trying to sign into SFTP with a slow internet and filezilla keeps timing me out. thanks
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