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  1. When HelioHost was created, was it gifted licenses from cPanel? Do you know if this happened to any other hosting sites?
  2. Why do you think this happened?
  3. Hi, so currently people are able to do "<mydomain>.com/admin" and "admin.<mydomain>.com". I want them to only be able to do "admin.<mydomain>.com". Is this possible to do? My addon domain is located in "public_html/<mydomain>"
  4. Oh thanks for letting me know that. I don't know why I added that line to my .htaccess, but I'd assume 000webhostapp disabled php errors by default.
  5. Interesting... That fixed it. My .htaccess is very simple, I don't see why it's syntax is incorrect: EDIT: I figured this out. Apparently HelioHost doesn't allow overriding of php.ini, so I can't use the "php_value" or "php_flag" options # HTID:6583797: DO NOT REMOVE OR MODIFY THIS LINE AND THE LINES BELOW php_value display_errors 1 # DO NOT REMOVE OR MODIFY THIS LINE AND THE LINES ABOVE HTID:6583797: RewriteEngine On #RewriteCond $1 !^(music\.php) #RewriteRule ^(.*)$ music.php?l=$1 [L] #php_value auto_prepend_file "required.html" <FilesMatch "\.(txt)$"> Order Deny,Allow Deny from all </FilesMatch> ErrorDocument 404 /index.php Options -Indexes
  6. Hi, I just switched from 000webhost to HelioHost, so I downloaded all content from the file manager their and uploaded it to heliohost, however I'm unable to view any directories in my site. The site is "dalrae.heliohost.org" All my php file permission are 644, my folder permissions are 755, my public_html folder is 755, and my "www" folder is 777. Thanks for any help!
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