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  1. Oh, this place still exists. I'm impressed. greetings from 2007~ 😁
  2. GIMP, Terragen, Paint, Irfanview will do just fine for me. Also Fireworks is not same as Firefox.
  3. There would be more people, a lot more if we had a refer system, like 1 point every your friends post and if marked as spam you'd lose points... and helions for new topics, as i previously said, it would make community more active!
  4. Who is "everyone" then if you are not...
  5. Aww, spam? Against what am I wrong again? Also who else thinks I'm annoying exept you?
  6. 3|173|7 9\/\/47263 04 40085! Translate this and I'll prove your n00b.
  7. I wish i had 1024mb of ram... (512 here) so no VISTA for me anyway, also as for the XP viruses stuff: I have a very good anti-virus (no advertising ) so I am safe anyway no matter if i use Vista or XP. Me: I am careful at internet with my XP anyway. He: With Vista you don't have to be careful. Yeah every website every download, everything is safe since you have teh 1337 Vista.
  8. battlelands


    lol, why should they delete it? (the god 2000 is a spammer!)
  9. My detailed answer is totally correct except for the "Me!" part. My question: Jack, Dan and John played in the park. His mother has 3 children: Jack, Dan and...
  10. Do not listen to this crap. - the Staff THIS STUFF IS REALLY WORTH TO READ! 1. Post in every topic you have something (except spam) to say. As in a movie thread you can just say "I think it is a good movie though I have not seen it yet." and get 10 extra helions, but when someone posts a link to a webpage on internet you can say "Whoa this site rocks! I really like it!" though you'd have to watch the webpage firstly. 2. Make new topics. It just helps you and other people to gain more helions. Best of all are discussion threads, as people arguing can make many posts a topic. For making a topic you don't have to think behind computer, as even while reading news, watching TV, playing football etc. you can still think of ideas, to make a topic. 3. Use alternative ways to gain helions. One way is to make reviews on hosting pages and show them do djbob, teh admin. 4. Make a post on this thread!!! This will help this topic stay almost like sticky so newbies can find it fast, it will give you 10 more helions each post, and also shouldn't, can, should, MUST ask questions from me. As I answer to many of your questions I will gain 10 helions each reply. Do the same in your topics, ask people to ask questions! And replying to other peoples topics you should ask questions too. WILL BE CONTINUED!
  11. If you are really newbie at the world of computers and internet, learn BASIC, but an average computer user should still learn PASCAL as the first language. It gives you the main knowledge of building a program up and if you've learned it, every other language will be easier. For online browser based gaming first HTML websites using Dreamweaver, then learn PHP, then try to set up a SQL server and then if your really good you might be wanting to learn Java too.
  12. Programming... search google for BASIC, c(plusplus), PASCAL etc. or use easier alternative Game Maker: www.gamemaker.nl
  13. Me! Well everything can kill and can't be killed if it has no life, so it can be only destroyed. (robot, knife)
  14. yo momma is so fat that she won a free Ipod
  15. http://www.w3.org/Style/Examples/011/firstcss Not Acceptable An appropriate representation of the requested resource /Style/Examples/011/firstcss could not be found on this server. CSS... fix it ok?
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