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  1. This link explains the process. Just have to set the match filter to use the heliohost domain. So in the from section you would set: *heliohost.org* And go through the next step and set never mark as spam. You would create a second filter for helionet with the from section set to: *helionet.org* I also have mine set to go to a specific folder, but you wouldn't need to mess with that. Although this link covers sending emails to folders in Gmail.
  2. I don't know if this will help, but quite a while ago (before Plesk) , I had to add filters to my Gmail account using the computer to route my heliohost email into a folder. It also includes a never mark as spam. I have attached an image I just took. But I got my heliohost "are you ready for Plesk" and the "account successfully transferred to Plesk" email to my Gmail address with these filters in place. I can't see the attachment or preview this post, so I also added a drive link to the attached image. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Rn4685p-ahBe7457WeyLNx4ceqHLBCFb/view?usp=drivesdk
  3. So, I waited for the migration to the plesk control panel. And I have currently been moved to the new system. I know you guys are still working on several different aspects within the next control panel. So I wanted to know if you plan on waiting until everything is finished to start monitoring for inactivity on accounts or if you have already started to deactivate accounts for inactivity? Also, is there a new donation process or link to extend the period of inactivity allowed on our account? I plan on using this site for testing to implement new features for the organization I manage, but not for a few more months. Thanks! And I'm very glad to see how this service survived through the cPanel situation.
  4. Thanks! Looking at other donation email issue threads, I'll give this information. Transaction ID: 7NT88027T41109812 Donation amt: $25 Donation date: October 13th, 2020
  5. Saw that you've been working on the new Plesk control panel and published an ETA page. I donated last year using my paypal which is linked to an email address that I used to use for an old account on here. The paypal used was my yahoo account and the email I use for this active account is my gmail. Wanted to see if I could get that changed so when I type trenten or my gmail account into the ETA page it shows up correctly. the emails in question are trentenmarschel@ currently, if I enter trenten into ETA page I get nothing. If I enter my Yahoo email, it shows up, and my Gmail email shows nothing. my gmail and "trenten" account should both be linked. Thanks.
  6. I would love to test the new Plesk interface out. Will we get an email if we are selected for testing?
  7. Glad to see the end is not near. I was just in the middle of updating pages for testing when the site quit loading and noticed cPanel wasn't logging in.
  8. That would be great! Glad to know it's not just me.
  9. Hi, I've been using Heliohost to host a college website building team project for a real client. After the semester, we plan to move the site to their own hosting site. But recently, I've noticed some loading issues. It seems that the pages get stuck on performing TLS Handshake forever. Also after uploading an edited version of either HTML or PHP files, the whole site lags like this for a while and will suddenly start working again. Is there any way to prevent this from happening or is something causing this? Yesterday I was coding a PHP page that takes a PayPal transaction and validates the orderID and will save it to the database. But after uploading the file, the entire site was stuck loading for hours and I finally gave up for the day. I'm on the Tommy server and the domain I'm working on is https://trenten.heliohost.org/index.htm Here is a screenshot from just now where I do a CTRL + F5 reload. It took over a minute to load.
  10. Thanks! It appears everything is working now. Was all I had to do was confirm that deletion of the Certificate and run AutoSSL?
  11. So before I had my server moved to Tommy, I had to manually install an SSL Certificate using ZeroSSL. Now I am on Tommy and should have AutoSSL. My ZeroSSL certificate for the main trenten.heliohost.org expired a couple days ago. So how can I get the AutoSSL to issue a Certificate for my main domain? I deleted the certificate in one page and on another it says uninstall and gives a warning that this is permanent so I don't want to mess anything up. Currently I can't reach my site using https. Here are some screenshots of what my SSL status is. Deleted Old certificate. Scary Uninstall option that I'm not sure about. The SSL/TLS status page: It doesn't give me the option to run AutoSSL on the domain that has the expired ZeroSSL certificate which I think I deleted as shown above. So any idea on how I can remove the ZeroSSL Cert and have AutoSSL issue and manage all of them? Thanks!
  12. Out of all the FTP, and SFTP connections I listed above that work, I can freely swap the domain names between [trenten / tommy].heliohost.org and it will work. It's only the FTP using TLS that doesn't work using either domain now. I'm using unencrypted FTP now, because when I upload something using SFTP, it makes the webpage time out for the next minute.
  13. I had thought of that and deleted all the trusted certificates in the Filezilla xml file in the app data directory. It just asked me to trust the certificate again and timed out. But that explains why it was asking me to trust it again.
  14. Thanks. I was able to get both the unencrypted FTP and the SFTP to work on either domain trenten.heliohost.org or tommy.heliohost.org. Here was the original FTP connection I was using that has worked for months (Using TLS if available): NOT WORKING Unencrypted Plain FTP: Working And SFTP: Working I believe the SFTP would be the best one to use over the unencrypted option. Any idea why it worked flawlessly for months using TLS until now?
  15. I just tried multiple times and I still don't have working ftp access. Here is what I get when trying in FileZilla (nothing regarding the login has changed, it's the same one I've been using) And the FTP connections in cPanel: After checking the FTP connection log using the cPanel file manager, This was the last successful connection I had last night. I was uploading a test page and the css file, and the upload timed out in the middle of the transfer and it uploaded a blank page over the existing one. I had to open the cPanel file manager to upload the correct one and that was the last time the FTP worked. FTP log Fri Oct 23 22:32:32 2020 0 -------------- 1717 /home/trenten/public_html/files/boot.css a _ i r trenten ftp 1 * c Fri Oct 23 22:32:35 2020 0 -------------- 979 /home/trenten/public_html/files/informationStyle.css a _ i r trenten ftp 1 * c Fri Oct 23 22:32:35 2020 0 -------------- 19429 /home/trenten/public_html/files/generalStyle.css a _ i r trenten ftp 1 * c Fri Oct 23 22:32:36 2020 1 -------------- 69597 /home/trenten/public_html/files/jquery-3.js a _ i r trenten ftp 1 * c Fri Oct 23 22:33:27 2020 0 -------------- 9136 /home/trenten/public_html/testPage.htm a _ i r trenten ftp 1 * c I also can't connect using the FTP account for the subdomain which has a different username and password or even using an FTP app on my phone. They all time out. Really could use some help getting this working again.
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