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  1. Emails sent to gmail addresses from tommy2.heliohost.org are being blocked. Can you set up Gmail Postmaster Tools so the emails can get through? Here's the link: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/9981691?visit_id=637993651592613608-1982383301&rd=1 Here are some instructions: https://help.activecampaign.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002134140-Check-your-domain-reputation-with-Google-Postmaster#check-your-domain-reputation-with-google-postmaster-0-0 Thanks!
  2. Sorry Krydos. Try the following: email.mime.text email.message
  3. Please add Python Modules MIMEText and EmailMessage for Python 3.10 Thank you!
  4. When I connect to Tommy using FileZilla I see my old content (prior to the Plesk migration). I tried changing the host to tommy2.heliohost.org (with port 1342) but the connection times out. Am I using the correct host? If so, do I need to get an ID set up for the new host? Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. Please install the following Python Module: pytz I'm currently running Python 3.10 Thanks!
  6. DataGrip appears to be connected to a version of the database that's different than the one on my website. I'm guessing the database was rebuilt for the Plesk migration. I'm currently connected to tommy.heliohost.org:3306 My database name is cktrack_prod1 My User ID is cktrack_01 Please help me connect to the correct version of my database. Thanks!
  7. We can try Crypt::OpenSSL::Random I started the site using Perl initially but hope to migrate everything over to Python eventually.
  8. Not sure. I will work on debugging them as I go, unless 3.7 is going to become available soon.
  9. My Python scripts that are calling the following modules are returning a 500 error and a "End of script output before headers" message in the error log: import MySQLdb import html Please confirm these modules have been installed in my environment. Thanks!
  10. Thanks @Krydos !!! I went through the rest of my Perl code and checked all the other modules and identified 2 more that need to be installed: Time::Piece; Crypt::Random; Can you please install? Also, will there be a way for us to install additional perl modules in the future similar to the way we did it in cPanel?
  11. I just added the following to my hello.pl script and it failed: use HTML::Table; use HTML::Template; Do I need to load these Perl libraries?
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