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  1. Emails sent to gmail addresses from tommy2.heliohost.org are being blocked. Can you set up Gmail Postmaster Tools so the emails can get through? Here's the link: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/9981691?visit_id=637993651592613608-1982383301&rd=1 Here are some instructions: https://help.activecampaign.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002134140-Check-your-domain-reputation-with-Google-Postmaster#check-your-domain-reputation-with-google-postmaster-0-0 Thanks!
  2. Sorry Krydos. Try the following: email.mime.text email.message
  3. Please add Python Modules MIMEText and EmailMessage for Python 3.10 Thank you!
  4. When I connect to Tommy using FileZilla I see my old content (prior to the Plesk migration). I tried changing the host to tommy2.heliohost.org (with port 1342) but the connection times out. Am I using the correct host? If so, do I need to get an ID set up for the new host? Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. Please install the following Python Module: pytz I'm currently running Python 3.10 Thanks!
  6. DataGrip appears to be connected to a version of the database that's different than the one on my website. I'm guessing the database was rebuilt for the Plesk migration. I'm currently connected to tommy.heliohost.org:3306 My database name is cktrack_prod1 My User ID is cktrack_01 Please help me connect to the correct version of my database. Thanks!
  7. We can try Crypt::OpenSSL::Random I started the site using Perl initially but hope to migrate everything over to Python eventually.
  8. Not sure. I will work on debugging them as I go, unless 3.7 is going to become available soon.
  9. My Python scripts that are calling the following modules are returning a 500 error and a "End of script output before headers" message in the error log: import MySQLdb import html Please confirm these modules have been installed in my environment. Thanks!
  10. Thanks @Krydos !!! I went through the rest of my Perl code and checked all the other modules and identified 2 more that need to be installed: Time::Piece; Crypt::Random; Can you please install? Also, will there be a way for us to install additional perl modules in the future similar to the way we did it in cPanel?
  11. I just added the following to my hello.pl script and it failed: use HTML::Table; use HTML::Template; Do I need to load these Perl libraries?
  12. I'm able to get hello.pl to work after removing the "use cPanelUserConfig;" statement at the top. I did the same for user_record_detail.pl, but am still getting the same error when trying to run it. Are there more detailed logs that I can use to identify the issue? Also, making a big request for python3 since all my python code is running 3.7 Trying to get my site back up and functioning for the school year.
  13. I created the .htaccess file and placed it in my public_html (aka www) folder. It gave me the 500 error at first so I dropped the options and my scripts are still not working. Am I putting it in the right place? I also tried the cgi-bin directory and the root directory.
  14. Seeing the error "End of script output before headers: " in the logs after trying to execute scripts in cgi-bin directory. I've modified all the scripts to have 755 permissions (Read Execute for all) and the cgi-bin directory is set up the same way. Do I need to grant any additional permissions to run scripts out of cgi-bin? Do I need to change the location of perl and/or python? Or pull down the libraries I need again? Is there a support guide on the migration to Plesk or should it all be seemless?
  15. OK. I found the log files in the logs directory. Guess I should have looked better. The error log is not very helpful, but I'll open another topic for that. You can close this topic
  16. Hi! My website was just migrated over to Plesk and none of my cgi-bin scripts are running. Is there an error log that I can view similar to what we had on cPanel so I can try to debug the issue. I'm not sure if it's a permissions issue or if I need to pull in all my Perl/Python libraries after the migration. The log file location would be very helpful. Thanks!
  17. Hi! I just downloaded a new SSL Cert zip file to my home directory (/home/cktrack/) Can you please install it? I did not export anything out of the zip file for fear of overlaying anything that's already in the directory. Let me know if you need anything else or if this is something I can do on my own. Thanks!
  18. Please install the SSL Certificate I generated. It's in my home folder /home/cktrack/ and the zip file name is cktrack.heliohost.org.zip. Thanks!
  19. Thanks! And thanks for everything you do!
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