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  1. I see, I'll go and triple check my credentials. Thank you for the advice Edit: Actually yes you are correct, I did miss a credential. I accidentally used a different api key. Thanks!
  2. I've been getting the same error, for awhile. Although now that you confirmed that allow_url_fopen is enabled, I am narrowing down what could be wrong. This is the error I see in my game server console Request failed. Response: {"status":"unauthorized"} This is really all the information I have to go on, and I do believe the developer of the software I'm using would be able to identify the issue. I'm going to see if I can find some more errors and contact the software developer as well. I just want to say thank you for being very patient and helpful, I'm very new to website-related topics and this community has been incredibly awesome. I really appreciate it, so thank you! Here were the requirements for the software to run properly: • a web server with PHP 7.2.5 or above• PHP MySQLi extension• allow_url_fopen enabled in php.ini• MySQL 5.7.23 and above (5.6.5 and above may work)• mod_rewrite enabled for Apache users• UDP access for server queries (optional) From my previous posts with the UDP ports, it ended up fixing pretty much all my issues.
  3. Heya! Question about if allow_url_fopen is enabled on Tommy in php version 7.3.6 And if it is not, is this something I would need to pay for? What I'm trying to do I'm using website software that will accurately track my game server's statistics. However I keep getting errors on my end. This may be my issue as it is required for the software to work correctly.
  4. Ah! Yes, I'm glad my issue wasn't confusing, haha. And yeah I also believe 27116. Thank you for your help!
  5. Hey again! I recently posted about needing an outbound UDP port opened for a small business website. Back with some TCP problems this time. My Problem I'm attempting to have my game server send outbound TCP web requests to the web server. I'm not really sure if that made sense, I'm still in the learning phase of cPanel and websites. The outbound UDP port that was opened fixed a ton of issues, my current issue is my website isn't tracking the information on my game server, like how many players are currently on. Useful Info Quote from the developer of the software I'm using for this: "Those error messages are related to the addon sending web requests to the web server. In technical terms, outbound TCP from the game server to the web server." The port I had opened before for outbound UDP was 27116, and I am assuming I also need the port to allow outbound TCP? Or something along those lines. Hopefully all this isn't too confusing. For the most part I'm not familiar with anything i am talking about. I'm happy to provide any information needed! Thank you in advance!
  6. Yea it's pretty common I've seen too, just picked something random on my pc since my main one was too large of a file for a pfp
  7. Lol, yes. My alter ego - dog in a hoodie. Haha
  8. Heya! Sorry in advance if any of this is confusing, I'm very new to website related services. I recently brought up a website on Tommy to start a small business. Everything works perfectly, and it's very shocking how free everything is. For someone like myself who is currently unemployed, Helio is a life saver. My Problem I recently purchased software for a website that uses outbound UDP to track things like settings in a game (Garry's Mod). However I'm having issues. I'm very unequipped to troubleshoot what is or isn't working so I'm going to provide quotes from the developer of the software I'm using. "The issue is most likely an outbound UDP firewall, though - it might be that you'll still need to contact HelioHost's support regarding opening the specific outbound UDP ports." "Typically for Garry's Mod the default game/query ports are 27015 and 27015. The same port, that is. One way to verify the port is by using an external tool such as GameTracker or BattleMetrics." Useful Info My Website: https://wolvestudios.heliohost.us The Server: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/gmod/9040873 I'm assuming the port I need opened is 27116, based on the server information above. Again, apologies if any of this is confusing, trying my best here to communicate the issue. Thanks for any help in advance!
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