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  1. but... Google and others have that post - like it or not
  2. on what URL (Web address) are they on ?
  3. but the nameservers for libry.ga are: NS01.FREENOM.COM NS02.FREENOM.COM NS03.FREENOM.COM NS04.FREENOM.COM
  4. issue I have with that page is - it will not interface with LastPass
  5. short answer - no your account will be on one server
  6. you can have two (or more) Web sites in one account - but you can not have two accounts
  7. storing backup files on the server your are backing up is not the way to do it IF the server goes down you will not have access to the backup files
  8. you will need to tell the Admins what the IP is
  9. bdistler


    - see --> [ http://heliohost.grd.net.pl/monitor/ ] ###
  10. this thread is from July 2011 - info is way out of date
  11. for my info... to help with not blocking my IP do to FTP (FileZilla) Timeout in seconds - ? Maximum number of retries - ? Delay between failed login attempts in seconds - ? I assume these S/B set to one (1) Maximum simultaneous transfers = 1 Limit for concurrent downloads = 1 Limit for concurrent uploads = 1
  12. IMO - when you have a malware infection in a free-hosting account - it is best to delete that account and start a new one
  13. if that is a "nulled" copy of Xenforo ( https://xenforo.com/purchase/ ) that might be your issue ###
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