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  1. Hi Heliohost members, After long time i am back to helionet community to help heliohost. While analyzing malicious sites, today i come across the heliohost name. Yes, one of your member violating your TOS and hosting paypal phishing site. Block this account: up.heliohost.org EDIT: It's suspended.
  2. Oh no my account is deleted..!it is impossible to sit and bring back my sites. I better end my forum and top sites. Anyway i got best hosting service from heliohost, thank you heliohost.
  3. For me now two problems. 1. I think i forget my password.(i wrote in diary but it is not working. I don't know why) 2. My account queued. I 've to recover before you completely delete the files. Help me please. Still it showing "username not found in database". Did you really remove my account?
  4. What about main page? Didn't you still fix the problem?
  5. Yes i did but not last month due to some problem.. For 1 month it said username not found in db. So i didn't login.
  6. My account is suspended .when i try to enter my username password in heliohost, it says username not found in database . Can you please help me? Username: h4ck3r site:forum.breakthesecurity.com
  7. Today when i try to login into heliohost, it showing "username is not in database". My account is not suspended or deleted, my site is still running. username: h4ck3r
  8. Jje , i don't know how to set my helionet title. Help me to find the link.
  9. Sorry jje. i typed from my mobile. so made some mistakes.
  10. Sure, if you want remind me to start a competition on 30th October or something like that. Mmmm, not sure about that one.... I'll think about it i know that i am nt going to win again bt it doesnt mean that i am nt good in design or programming. If i compete really , i will be the winner. I am nt going to participate again.
  11. Thank you jje. Next time i am expecting some better competition.
  12. I like Firefox only. Whatever microsoft try to trick me, i won't(can't) fall in their trick because i am in Linux. I really hate the IE version because of their look and less interface
  13. Microsoft launched website " YourBrowserMatters " to test the Browser Security. When you visit the site, it will automatically displays the score out of 4. IE9 scored 4 out of 4. Firefox=2 ,chrome=2.5. Check now: http://www.yourbrowsermatters.org/ If you want to know how the scoring system works, then visit: http://www.ehackingnews.com/2011/10/your-b...e-to-check.html
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