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  1. hi so i've been waiting to get unblocked, can someone please unblock me losing valuable time. thanks
  2. hey ya'll so i'm still blocked again...waiting to be unblocked.. thanks guys..
  3. Dang pwd monsters keep eating my pwds..

  4. I'm sorry. I got password anxiety which manifested into a whole OCDing wrong password frenzy! Can't say it won't happen again. It will. Everyone knows that... This is like the swear jar of forgotten and attempt overkill.
  5. hello, i know i reset my pwd way to many times in like the past day...i think it's because of my OCD.. but can we please unblock me? i'll work on being more pwd responsible.and i promise to make a donation like ASAP i am really thankful and happy to have found y'all.
  6. hi! thank you so much for providing this resource. quick question...of the two domains i own, one is already a .us. what does this mean, if anything for that particular domain?
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