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  1. Bedankt voor het beantwoorden Vreemd, ze geven spam als reden, ik geef soms de link om anderen te helpen bij hun stamboomonderzoek Als oplossing geef ik nu de uitleg in de reactie en stuur ik een pb met de link zodat iedereen blij is, ook facebook🙂
  2. When I place the link to my site on Facebook, it is blocked (https://johansx.heliohost.us/), also via the domain name www.johanenleen-six.be Does anyone have the same problem?
  3. Hey My SSL certificate via ZeroSSl expires April 4, 2022 I've updated this and uploaded the zip file Can you (Krydos) install this? thanks in advance Johan
  4. Ok ok I did the same and now no more problem!
  5. I have reformed the site, modified the index file without table, but Malwarebytes keeps blocking the site... Johan
  6. Hello thanks for the reactons, I didn't know that about FTP, I fixed it. I will reform the table, the whole site anyway, I am pleased that this is not due to the SLL certificate Johan
  7. Hello I still have a problem. Krydos installed an SSL certificate I got from ZeoSSl, expires apr 4, 2022 When I open my site https://johansx.heliohost.us/ the site is blocked by Malwarebytes When I click “continue” the web address is Not secured http://johansx.heliohost.us/ If I change this to https and I click on a link in the site, Malwarebytes warning again When I upload files via FileZilla I get the messages Unknown certificate Certificate in chain: 0 The hostname does not match the certificate (see Attachment) Thanks for answering Johan
  8. thanks, everything works fine
  9. Hello I have uploaded the zip file johansx.heliohost.us.zip in my home folder
  10. Hello As asked on Plesk Eta: I tried to create a SSL certicicate using ZeroSSL The Auth File “319BD65A982E37AB30E96A01BA1A0141.txt is uploaded to /home/johansx Is this sufficient to install SSL certificate ? (attached screenshot ZeroSSL)
  11. Johan Sx

    Plesk ETA

    First of all, Happy New Year to all of your team! I remember that the Tommy server included an SSL certificate However, I keep getting the following message on my site: “Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocks downloads from websites that have little illegal activity and include activities that have been reported.” Will this only be resolved with the Plesk transition?
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