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  1. @Krydos is it possible to replace the ssl that you installed with new one for helium.hiker.rocks ssl I just generated? currently hiker.rocks redirects to helium.hiker.rocks only and I did not realize sub domain would not be covered. I put the file in same location Site name: Helium.Hiker.Rocks User name: capcom Directory with new ssl cert: /home/capcom/new_ssl_cert File name: helium.hiker.rocks.zip Thanks.
  2. Thanks Krydos, do we need separate certificate for subdomain too?
  3. Hello Admins, Can you please install SSL certificate for my site. I am on Tommy server. Site name: Hiker.Rocks User name: capcom Directory with new ssl cert: /home/capcom/new_ssl_cert
  4. capcom

    Tommy Backing Up

    How long would Tommy be down when you guys rebuild with plesk?
  5. VPS 12 was very slow so I rebooted it. Not able to ssh into it for almost 2 hours now. ping to vps is not working as well. for first 30 mins I was getting refused connection error and after that it is giving me operation timed out error. would like to know what is going on with it. Thanks
  6. Thanks. I will look into this.
  7. I am using python flask and have added rate limiting already and once reached, it will not load data and will just give a "Rate limit applied" message. That part has been working fine. Most of the unwanted traffic is coming as Mozilla browser, operating system is unknown in Awstats, but I have a feeling it is a web scrapper. even after rate limit message, user is keep requesting same url.
  8. Thanks for the response. I am using the IP blocks to deny access. and keep adding new ones there. My only concern is around load, but when I look at account load in cPanel, it is not significant at all (almost near 0 every day). I just want to make sure that increase in traffic does not cause my account to be flagged.
  9. I am getting unusually high request from few IPs and wanted to see if there is a way I can rate limit IP address by making a change in .htaccess file. I am able to block the IPs in a day, but it it making unnecessary calls to website. and they keep coming from new IP addresses. any suggestions are welcome. Thanks
  10. It did work after I moved it after rewritebase. Had missed that earlier. Thanks.
  11. Thanks,I did try but didn't work. Gives same error. Does the placement of that rule matters? Also anything about permission, i have set as 755.
  12. Hello, I am working on discord bot(https://wiki.helionet.org/tutorials/discord-bot#starting-and-stopping-your-bot) and created files inside my cgi-bin directory. but when I try to access from browser, it is giving me 404 error. I think it has to do with htaccess but want to see if I can only open up cgi-bin folder with a command? here is my htaccess file <Files .htaccess>order allow,denydeny from all</Files> IndexIgnore * RewriteEngine OnRewriteBase /RewriteRule ^(media/.*)$ - [L]RewriteRule ^(admin_media/.*)$ - [L]RewriteRule ^(flask\.wsgi/.*)$ - [L]RewriteRule ^(.*)$ flask.wsgi/$1 [QSA,PT,L] Thanks for the help.
  13. Thanks. After few tries I decided to add redirect on my site, but found this better option. This link help me fix the issue. https://serversitters.com/cpanel-redirects-not-redirecting.html#:~:text=To%20fix%20this%2C%20after%20you,should%20work%20without%20any%20issues. If you have setup a redirect using the Redirects icon in cPanel, it may not always work. The reason for this is that the redirect icon will create the rule for the redirect in the .htaccess, but it will place this new rule at the bottom of the file. So if you have any other redirects happening ahead of the new rule that conflict with the new rule, then the new redirect just won’t work. To fix this, after you have created the redirect, you need to find it in your .htaccess. Move the lines to the top of the .htaccess file, then re-save it, and now the redirect should work without any issues.
  14. Will the URL will also show redirected domain link? I have a heliohost link ( subdomain.domain.heliohost.us ), but trying to redirect it to my new domain (subdomain.newdomain.com). both points to the same folder though. I setup about 2 hours ago, but when I got to my heliohost link, it is staying there only and not moving to my new domain without heliohost. see attached for my redirect setup.
  15. how much time does it take for redirect to take affect?
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