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  1. I was looking at ip info of the domain of my site. I saw the organization as Hurricane Electric LLC. Are you guys partnered with them? Full JSON: { "ip":"", "hostname":"johnny.heliohost.org", "city":"Sardinia", "region":"Ohio", "country":"US", "loc":"39.0078,-83.8085", "org":"AS6939 Hurricane Electric LLC", "postal":"45171", "timezone":"America/New_York", "asn":{"asn":"AS6939", "name":"Hurricane Electric LLC", "domain":"he.net","route":"", "type":"hosting"}, "company":{"name":"Hurricane Electric LLC", "domain":"he.net","type":"isp"}, "privacy":{"vpn":false, "proxy":false, "tor":false, "hosting":false}, "abuse":{"address":"US, CA, Fremont, 760 Mission Court, 94539", "country":"US", "email":"abuse@he.net", "name":"Abuse Department", "network":"", "phone":"+1-510-580-4100"} }
  2. Oh, thanks Krydos. I will donate to that BTC address probably today. Thank you so much for support.
  3. Yes I was talking about that Tommy page. The switch server link on the client area redirects to an article that says make a new account and move all your data using a backup that you made earlier. If there is a chance taht I can donate to heliohost via bitcoin, can you move my website data and such to Tommy? And do I need to change the cloudflare configuration?
  4. It still shows that I am blocked. edit: my browser cached that so now I am not blocked. Thanks @wolstech
  5. I've been trying to ftp and stfp using Windows Explorer but it wasn't working then I needed to back my files up to my computer, it said that my ip adress was blocked. Can any of admins unblock me?
  6. Hello dear Heliohost Team and users. I've been using heliohost for around 2-3 months. I want to switch from Johnny to Tommy. When I try to donate from the page that is using paypal and credit/debit card as payment method, when I fill in my cridentials it tries to buy it but paypal thing just disappears. Is there any other payment gateway that I can use my debit card? I am living in Europe. btw. Sorry for the typo in the title.
  7. sarp


    Hello. I am trying to donate to move my website to tommy but I can't donate. Is there any problems with paypal of some sorth?
  8. Try zoho business mail. Its free and I am using it right now. You need to add txt, cname, mx records but after that it is better than roundcube. The issue you are having is probably caused by nameservers.
  9. I was sending mails from cPanel and it works the problem is if someone send me mail I couldn't recieve it. But now I am using Zoho Business and it works fine.
  10. Hello. I started using heliohost for my nstdrone.com domain. I can send mails with the mail address: sarp@nstdrone.com. But I can't recieve mails. When I try to send a mail to myself using my gmail account it gives an error "554 5.1.1 <sarp@nstdrone.com>: Recipient address rejected: undeliverable address: host mail-outgoing.relay-fef.svc.cluster.local[] said: 554 5.7.1 <sarp@nstdrone.com>: Relay access denied (in reply to RCPT TO command)". What should I do?
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