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  1. I'm just raising a project and this comes out hahaha. "In the union is strength" If you need help with something we are willing to give on our part. The best successes for you!!
  2. You are right! In fact, I had already done these validations in the client side with JavaScript, for example ... //A defined range var regex_a = /[\x20-\x2a]/; var regex_b = /[\x2c-\x2f]/; var regex_c = /[\x3a-\x7e]/; if(regex_a.test(var) || regex_b.test(var) || regex_c.test(var)){ //Do something... } ... but I see that doing them on the server side gives better security in the process. 👍
  3. Ohh copied loud and clear!. I assume you mean using methods that prevent the user from sending "unsupported characters", like the mysqli_real_escape_string and htmlentities functions. In addition to these functions, are there other ways to guarantee the integrity of the data sent via POST variables? Thanks for your reply!
  4. Good morning for all! I ask because I'm not an expert in front and back programming, I share my way in which I communicate the client with the server. I would like you to tell me if it's well implemented or if it can be improved? The idea is to boost our knowledge/skills every day Method: Send with Ajax Client-side: <script> jQuery.ajax({ url: 'script.php', data:{'Var1': $('#ID').val(), 'Var2': $phpvariable},//May be FormData item too. type: 'POST', success:function(s){ //Received a encoded JSON from server-side with any data. var data = JSON.parse(s); $('#resultselement').html(data[0]); }, error:function (){ alert('Error message'); } }); </script> Server-side: <?php $POSTVAR1 = $_POST["Var1"]; $POSTVAR2 = $_POST["Var2"]; {INCLUDES, INTERNAL VARIABLES, PHP SCRIPT, ETC} array_push($array, $phpvar1, $phpvar2, $phpvar3....,$phpvarn); //Sending data to client-side echo json_encode($array); ?> I appreciate any correction or suggestion, thanks!
  5. Good morning friends! This morning I've entered to my account and I got this message, I really do not know why this happened, I need help, thank you.
  6. Software development! / Desarrollo de software!

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