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  1. Greetings, Have been unable to log in or access my website. Must be caught up in Stevie troubles. username: gulliver server: stevie domain: learnersabroad.heliohost.org Have website backup, if my credentials could be migrated to Tommy. How might I proceed? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, Am unable to reactivate my account, with script stuck on "reactivating account...". gulliver Stevie learnersabroad.heliohost.org Could you please help me to reactivate? Thanks!
  3. Above result may relate to slow response time, as Status for Beijing is now showing as "OK". Thanks!
  4. Partial access available. Can connect from Shanghai. Still no access from Beijing, though. Website Test Results Tested From: Beijing, China Tested At: 2012-01-24 01:06:53 (GMT +00:00) URL Tested: http://www.learnersa....org/index.html Resolved As: Status: couldn't connect to host Response Time: 44.999 sec DNS: 0.001 sec Connect: 44.998 sec Redirect: 0.000 sec First Byte: 0.000 sec Last Byte: 0.000 sec Size: 0 bytes Will be able to test from my actual ISP soon. Is this the best we can hope for right now? (BTW, I really appreciate the efforts you're making to serve users in the PRC.)
  5. Hi Admin, I need to have access to my website from within P. R. China. Please move my website to a shared IP. Username: gulliver Server name: Stevie Domain name: learnersabroad.heliohost.org Thanks in advance for your assistance!
  6. Thanks for the feedback, Anush! Things seem to have cleared up over the past day, and can access the site again. Thanks, also, to the hard-working Admins, if they had anything to do with this.
  7. Greetings, My domain appears to be suspended, although I have signed into my control panel within just the past week. Username: gulliver Server: stevie Main domain: learnersabroad.heliohost.org Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter. Regards
  8. Greetings, My account is shown as "suspended." Cannot log in to cPanel either. Username: gulliver Domain name: learnersabroad.heliohost.org Server: Stevie. Thanks!
  9. Got it, but had to use a proxy. Thanks, Wizard!
  10. Registered new account, but still getting "account queued" on fourth day. Have cleared my browser cache. Can someone please advise? My public site is learnersabroad.heliohost.org . Thanks!
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