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  1. i need python lib flask_restful on tommy server.thanks usrname: abio domain: misdar.heliohost.us
  2. oke got it, next time when i want to make a request, i'll try to include my username as well as my domain, also i,m sorry if it makes a bit problem for you
  3. great, i also think that the problem is on the htaccess conf file, but im still hesitate to delete it.
  4. https://misdar.ml/cgi-bin/app.py i already set cgi-bin permission to 755 along with app.py, but still it shows a not found 404 error
  5. followed by this module, - flask-sockets - eventlet - gevent
  6. hey i need this python module on tommy server, - qrcode-artistic - segno thanks a lot:)
  7. can i use python websockets on tommy server. and also, why cgi-bin on my public directory cannot execute a python script
  8. Can i delete a default subdomain like https://webmail.mysite.us or mail.mysite.us.
  9. yeah, i intend to change my main domain to my own domain
  10. how can i change my main domain?
  11. please, i need this module called numba on tommy server
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