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  1. Is it possible to update the version of the Lily server?
  2. Dear sir/madam, Recently, I have created a database with my Tommy account and wanted to connect it with my Lily ASP.NET website. I have managed to receive the data from the SQL database when I open the website locally but when I publish the website to the server and try to open the page with the SQL database records, I get an error (see picture). Could somebody help me to resolve this error? Thank you in advance. Yours faithfully, Robin (nickname: novafox)
  3. Okay thank you very much. May I ask how long this takes on average?
  4. Dear sir/madam I recently donated to Heliohost and got my Tommy invite. I'd like to add an ASP.NET website I built with Visual Studio to it but can't figure out how. The website stated that the Tommy account has ASP.NET support. Could someone help me out with setting my server up so I can get ASP support? Kind regards, Robin (nickname: novafox)
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