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  1. Hi, i'm using Johnny Heliohost remote mysql and codeigniter 4 for development. After a few requests from the frontend, I'm seeing this error on mysql that user has more than max_user_connections (code 1203). While connecting db from backend, codeigniter seems to automatically close db connections. Even when I'm checking through workbench show processlist shows only 1 sleeping process. But then, suddenly max_user_connections exceeds the limit for the same request which was working a moment before. So, my asks are jotted below: - Can the mysql wait_timeout parameter be redued to 180 secs? - From mysql documentation it seems the max_user_connections are set to 150 and another for super user, is there any additional limit from heliohost's end? If there's any better way of dealing with this problem I'm all ears. regards inifinit5
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