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  1. I really hope Plesk will support this kind of stuff users have been complaining with the past 9 years
  2. Check out this forum topic: Yesterday cPanel revoked all of our licenses and all of us can't log in. Today the team signed a new contract with Plesk for a new panel. The rebuild may take some time, but you may consider buying a VPS as a temporary solution: https://www.heliohost.org/vps
  3. This is literally a life saver for Heliohost and the community. We're all looking forward in this exciting new life without cPanel and the new interface of Plesk. Now this I confirm, that this is now the new HelioHost. ❤️
  4. this has been an unfortunate situation to lean on right now, I hope this will be addressed soon and I also hope cPanel will hear us out. Logging in shows an error but FTP and Webdisk still works, so you should go backup all your data while we still can. this screenshot is NOT sponsored by Dashlane, flaz
  5. Hi, I would like to request an IP unblock at, thanks The IP address has been blocked for trying to log in to IMAP with the wrong password too many times. To prevent this from happening again in the future please make sure your email client username and password are correct. You won't be able to continue to cPanel until an admin unblocks you. To request that your IP be unblocked please visit
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