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  1. jnorden

    Plesk ETA

    Sorry to hear about the problems you and your dad are experiencing. When you get back to working on heliohost, please don't hesitate to call on those of us who have offered to help out, if there is anything that we can do to make things easier for you and the staff. On the positive side, serious medical issues can sometimes be an opportunity to gain new perspectives on life. I was hospitalized last summer for about 10 days with neurological issues. Seeing some of the other patients in the hospital neuro-unit made me realize how lucky I am to just be dealing with vision and balance problems (as frustrating as they were/are). I made a solemn vow to *never* indulge in feeling sorry for myself again, which has been a really positive thing for me. Regards, -Jeff
  2. Sorry to be trouble while you are still busy with plesk. I seem to have screwed up my old vps46 vm, and I'm not quite done with it yet. It won't even respond to a ping, so it may just need a hard reboot. But, it died immediately after running 'ufw enable', so there is a chance it needs to be broken into to disable the firewall (although 'ufw show added' clearly said that ports 22, 80, and 443 would be open). Also, does the data center and/or vmware provide any outside firewall? To protect, eg, against ddos attacks? Thanks again, and no hurry on this. -Jeff
  3. I think I've got my new vps mostly configured. When you have a minute, please change norden.heliohost.us to point to vps15 ( instead of vps46 ( As far as I can tell, there is no way for me to do that. ------------------------------------ I've configured /tmp/ as a 1GB-max tmpfs file system. It seems a bit faster. A simple benchmark is impressive: using dd to copy 512MB from /dev/random to a file in /tmp/ took 2.6 sec (as compared to 2.3 sec to copy to /dev/null) a file in my home directory took 30.7 sec Of course, the second time will vary a bit depending on the server load. It'll be interesting to try this again after the disk upgrades. -Jeff
  4. Thanks for the lightning-fast response as always. One more question: Is the vps storage backed by spinning disks or ssd? It has seemed to me that disk access is sometimes a bottleneck. I was going to up the ram a bit and try using tmpfs for /tmp (so that /tmp/ files never get written to permanent storage). Any idea if this would speed up, e.g., long compilations? -Jeff
  5. Is it possible to buy a vps provisioned with Debian 11, which came out a few days ago? I think that what I'd like to do, instead of upgrading my existing vps, is to buy a new Debian-11 one with a bit more hardware, then selectively transfer stuff from my old vps (avoiding various crud I created), and then delete the old vps before it renews at the beginning of Sept. Thanks, -Jef
  6. Here is a brief tutorial on using sshfs to manage a heliohost website. Specifically for managing a website on ricky right now, since cpanel is dead and plesk hasn't arrived yet. It will only be useful to you if you are running linux on your local desktop. If your aren't, then you should try it out! It's just plain text, so I'm attaching it here rather than pasting it in: sshfs_for_ricky.txt
  7. Ok, here is a short tutorial on using sshfs to manage a heliohost website, specifically for managing your website on ricky since cpanel is dead and plesk hasn't arrive on ricky yet. It's just plain text, and I'm attaching it here rather than pasting it in: sshfs_for_ricky.txt
  8. Any estimate on the timeline for ricky? If it'll be a while, I could cobble together a short "howto" outlining how I've been managing my ricky site via sshfs. It will only work for folks using linux desktops, but if it encourages anyone to leave the Evil empires of Cupertino and Redmond, all the better! -Jeff
  9. The answer, to me anyway, is quite obvious. When you get in bed with a closed-source company like cpanel, they've got you by the nads. You've forfeited your freedom and are dependent on their good will, which can evaporate at any time. This is **EXACTLY WHY** RMS developed the GNU license and the concept of free (as in freedom, not beer) software. It amazes me that so many people are so critical of RMS and his beliefs despite the fact that they have been validated over and over and over again for the past 40+ years. -Jeff
  10. Please move my 'jnorden' account from Johnny to Ricky. I just made a small paypal donation, Transaction ID: 1W727476616336129 Thanks, -Jeff Norden PS: I also put the request as a note on paypal along with the donation. PPS: The instructions that state "post on the customer service forum" are slightly confusing. When you go to that forum, there is a sub-forum labeled: Server Move Requests Request that your account be moved here. But clicking the sub-forum link just takes you back to the instruction page. It took me a few loops to figure out that I should post the request directly to the main customer-service forum.
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