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  1. Any estimate on the timeline for ricky? If it'll be a while, I could cobble together a short "howto" outlining how I've been managing my ricky site via sshfs. It will only work for folks using linux desktops, but if it encourages anyone to leave the Evil empires of Cupertino and Redmond, all the better! -Jeff
  2. The answer, to me anyway, is quite obvious. When you get in bed with a closed-source company like cpanel, they've got you by the nads. You've forfeited your freedom and are dependent on their good will, which can evaporate at any time. This is **EXACTLY WHY** RMS developed the GNU license and the concept of free (as in freedom, not beer) software. It amazes me that so many people are so critical of RMS and his beliefs despite the fact that they have been validated over and over and over again for the past 40+ years. -Jeff
  3. Please move my 'jnorden' account from Johnny to Ricky. I just made a small paypal donation, Transaction ID: 1W727476616336129 Thanks, -Jeff Norden PS: I also put the request as a note on paypal along with the donation. PPS: The instructions that state "post on the customer service forum" are slightly confusing. When you go to that forum, there is a sub-forum labeled: Server Move Requests Request that your account be moved here. But clicking the sub-forum link just takes you back to the instruction page. It took me a few loops to figure out that I should post the request directly to the main customer-service forum.
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