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  1. Thank you very much ! duo.hh.us is working perfectly ! I have a difficulty: I would like to have only folders on my ftp root: maena/maena maena/duo I tried: maena/maena/.htaccess : RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/\.well-known/ RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^maena\.heliohost\.us [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://maena.heliohost.us$1 [R=301,L] Result: no effect I searched and tried: maena/.htaccess : (root folder this time) Redirect /index.html /maena/ Result: it works for maena subdomain but it breaks duo subdomain. duo subdomain will appear as : duo.hh.us/maena. I think the goal is not far. Does anyone know how I could redirect the main domain to maena/maena subdomain without impacting duo subdomain ? Should I just create a subdomain maena in CPanel ? I suppose I cannot because it is the same name as the main domain ? Should I change the htaccess content for maena/maena ?
  2. Yes it is possible, please see : https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/40755-request-additional-subdomain-on-heliohost/?hl=subdomain Please can you escalate the topic for the subdomain duo to work like this : Goal: https://duo.heliohost.us/ Please escalate to root admin: duo.heliohost.org (or .us) must point to /home/maena/public_html/duo/ Thank you !
  3. Hi, Still: https://duo.heliohost.us/ Returns : "Server not found" The folder contains an index.html that should load. (and .htaccess file that you created) Pointing it : https://duo.heliohost.us/index.html Returns : "Server not found" Is it possible to use directly: https://duo.heliohost.us/ Where "duo" is a subdomain. Logically it requires some action on your server side, not in htaccess. Please could this problem be solved before this week-end. I just need to type : https://duo.heliohost.us/ and to see the page loading. I suppose it's just a configuration on your server side. Could you please make sure that it works this time ? Subdomain: duo Actually works: maena.heliohost.us/duo/ KO: duo.maena.heliohost.us (subdomain is created, but url does not load it) KO: duo.heliohost.us/ Goal: https://duo.heliohost.us/
  4. Thank you, the 2 redirections are OK. The redirection for duo works. But if the address is directly opened it returns "server not found". The redirection works: https://maena.heliohost.us/duo/ The direct url does not work, "Server not found": https://duo.heliohost.us/ The goal of the alias is to be used as a direct address. I tried on my side but could not get it work. Could you please adapt the duo htaccess in order it to work as a direct address, so that https://duo.heliohost.us/ opens directly the page please ? Maybe this is just the htaccess not loading the default pages ?
  5. The 2 files have been put to the 2 correct paths. However there is no success for the 2 url loading. If you have the possibility to fix the 2 aliases that would be great because I don't have the knowledge for this.
  6. Thanks for the details !
  7. Thank you ! I will check the htaccess after modification to learn how to do. Where is the htacess file located in the ftp structure ? The existing subdirectory is "duo". 1. Could you please redirect maena.heliohost.us/maena/ into this : maena.heliohost.us 2. Could you please redirect maena.heliohost.us/duo/ into this : duo.heliohost.us (no matter if alias 1 is not possible)
  8. I have a subdomain on public_html : duo/ If I use subdomain from Cpanel I've got: duo.maena.heliohost... I can do : maena.heliohost.us/duo/ Is it possible to redirect maena.heliohost.us/duo/ into an alias like this : duo.heliohost.us/ If this is possible it would be very useful ! Thank you !
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