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  1. hi Krydos, I cant see my current rank in ETA page... Is there any way I can check my current rank.?
  2. I have one question. Will the account suspension process start after we move to plesk?
  3. My vote is for java. Thanks Krydos
  4. Hello , a. HelioHost username : ytmusic b. My account is on : johnny c. HelioHost main domain : https://music.heliohost.us/ I m unable to login. I am getting this message : We are in the process of upgrading our servers to use the Plesk control panel right now so you won't be able to log in to existing accounts or create new accounts until this process is done. Our plan is to copy over all users to the new system automatically. During the upgrade process websites won't go inactive or be suspended, and your website will remain online. I just want to know if accounts migration is completed in johnny. If yes please help me. Thanx in advance.
  5. Can we use Sring boot, NodeJS rather than PHP in the new update?🤔 I saw that Plesk supports Multiple Backend Languages on their website, I never used it though.
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